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乘勢金融科技發展 渣打:應徵者需具備創意



渣打銀行大中華及北亞地區個人金融業務部人力資源總監Rizwan Masood認為,本港在金融科技的發展仍有很顯著的發展空間。他指出: 「金融科技現在已成為數間大學的學術科目,監管機構亦很重視金融科技的發展。這顯示在不久將來,金融科技業將會帶來大量職位。除了提供具吸引力的報酬和福利外,對新世代的金融業人才來說,事業發展的平台是他們決定加入哪一家金融機構的一個關鍵因素。這將決定他們在機構中將會負責甚麼工作。」

渣打銀行亦正不斷調整和提升員工福利,例如最新推出的《靈活工作安排政策》 和延長有薪產假。


在聘請金融科技人才方面,渣打銀行正尋找對金融科技有很強認識並能靈活思考的應徵者。Rizwan Masood說:「金融科技是創意工作,當中涉及改變現況,所以應徵者應該具備與別不同和批判思考的能力。有志加入金融科技業的人,特別是應屆畢業生,在學期間就應該努力提升他們對知識的敏銳度、商業頭腦和創意。金融科技即突破傳統做事方式,應徵者在入行前就應該要仔細思考。」

 渣打銀行大中華及北亞地區個人金融業務部人力資源總監Rizwan Masood

Riding the FinTech Wave in Standard Chartered Bank: job seekers need to be creative

With the growing prominence of financial technology (fintech) in Hong Kong, there is an increasing variety of professional opportunities in fintech, both in start-up companies as well as in major financial institutions. In order to seize the ever-changing and developing opportunities in fintech, apart from possessing a base knowledge of finance and technology, young talent who wish to embark in the field should work on honing their critical thinking abilities.
Riding on the fintech growth trend opportunity, Standard Chartered is placing considerable focus on both talent recruitment and retention. Apart from hiring management trainees from technology schools over the last several years, Standard Chartered has collaborated with emerging fintech organisations by pairing them with local graduates to generate new business ideas and provide the Bank's young talent with exposure to new ways of working.

According to Rizwan Masood, Standard Chartered Bank Head of HR, Retail Banking, Greater China and North Asia, there is substantial room for growth for fintech in Hong Kong. Mr Masood said: "Fintech is now an academic subject offered in several universities, and regulators are also placing greater emphasis on the development of fintech. This indicates that there will be a lot of opportunities opening up in fintech in the near future. In addition to attractive remunerations and fringe benefits, the right platform for career development is a crucial factor for the new generation of financial professionals as they decide which companies to join. It is about what kind of work they will get to do within the organisation."

Standard Chartered is also continually refining and enhancing its fringe benefits for employees, such as the recent introduction of flexible working and improved parental leave.

Rapidly developing technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence will bring about changes in the financial services industry. This will lead to a shift in the types of skills needed among the new generation of financial professionals. With the digitisation of manual, repetitive processes as a result of the implementation of these new technologies, certain roles may cease to exist and jobs will evolve towards an emphasis on more advisory skills.

In recruiting fintech talent, Standard Chartered is looking for candidates who possess both a strong understanding of finance technology as well as a high level of agility in their thinking. "Fintech is creative work and it involves challenging the status quo, so candidates should have the ability to think differently and critically. Those seeking to join fintech, particularly fresh graduates, should work on improving their intellectual acuity, commercial nous and creativity while they are still at school. Fintech is about going beyond traditional ways of doing things. That is something the candidates should think about before getting into fintech," said Mr Masood.


Release Date: 7 Jun 2017

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