magic verbs

可以披Cashmere的話,相信沒有人願意「笠」麻包袋。同樣道理,學會用靚詞寫CV,大概就不必局限於千篇一律的「我負責……」(I was responsible for……)「我的工作/ 職責是……」(My job was/ duties were……)人事顧問直指,一個有力炫眼的動詞,絕對足以令一份CV起死回生,在人事顧問面前為求職者的求職申請搖旗吶喊。

1/ Exceed(超越)
例︰Total revenue exceeded expectations by 200%

2/ Pioneer(開闢、倡導)
例︰Pioneered business development in Shenzhen

3/ Formulate(規劃)
例︰Formulated marketing and promotional strategies

4/ Generate生產
例︰Generated revenue of more than $10 billion over the past five years

5/ Optimise(最佳化)
例︰Optimised communication between the sales and editorial departments

6/ Monitor(監察)
例︰Monitored a membership database of more than 500,000 members

7/ Rejuvenate(恢復精力)
例︰Helped to rejuvenate the company culture and to boost staff morale by introducing new training programmes

8/ Structure(組織)
例︰Structured promotional and charity events to raise the organisation's public profile and to enhance its reputation

9/ Champion(取勝)
例︰Championed the rights of children while working for a respected non-governmental organisation

10/ Maximise(增加至最大限度)
例︰Developed effective human resources strategies to help the company maximise its performance


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