倫敦大學辦環球MBA 攻專業人士

倫敦大學辦環球MBA 攻專業人士

倫敦大學於日前正式發布其與倫敦瑪麗皇后學院共同合作的全新環球工商管理碩士(Global MBA)。由倫敦大學頒發學位,瑪麗皇后學院提供課程開發與學術指導,Global MBA運用彈性的學習模式,提供多種課程取向選擇(綜合、法律、金融、企業與創新、會計以及領導),將為專業人士、各界領袖帶來世界級的學習經驗。

倫敦大學Global MBA擁有全球主要國際機構的專業認證,包括特許管理學院(the Chartered Management Institute, CMI)以及特許管理會計師公會(the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, CIMA),一旦學生完成課程,將可獲得以上機構的專業認證。

Global MBA乃為專業人士設計,彈性的學習模式,不受地點限制,每年有四次入學與考試機會。倫敦大學為Global MBA量身訂作學習資源和線上工具讓學生能夠理解與應對當今世界工商業界領袖所面臨的巨大挑戰。課程最主要的特色之一為業務模擬,這將使學生能夠應用關鍵概念處理現實世界的各種問題,成功地結合工作與學習。

倫敦大學校長史密斯爵士暨教授(Professor Sir Adrian Smith FRS, Vice-Chancellor, University of London)表示:「倫敦大學所推動的這項新碩士課程令人興奮,不但與當前局勢相關,並且滿足了各界專業人士與資方的需求。」


擁有官佐勳章的倫敦大學(國際)副校長司提艾斯尼博士(Dr Mary Stiasny OBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor(International), University of London)說:「我們相信憑藉著瑪麗皇后學院國際知名的學術專業,加上我們自1858年以來在世界各地提供各種優質學位課程與資格的經驗,選擇就讀Global MBA將豐富各界專業人士的工作生涯,並益其雇主。」

作為Global MBA的課程主任,瑪麗皇后學院寇克瑞斯教授(Professor Ioannis Kokkoris, Programme Director for the Global MBA, QMUL)說:「無論是推展目前的職業生涯,轉換跑道,或者自行創業,倫敦大學Global MBA將帶給你信心、技能以及人際與業界網絡,以創造屬於你自己的成功故事。」

Creating your own success story with a new Global MBA

A new Global MBA, developed around an extensive range of specialisms in Law, Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Accountancy and Leadership, has been launched by the University of London and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

The Global MBA comes with professional accreditations from major international bodies, including the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), allowing students to present themselves for professional recognition on successful completion of the award. A significant feature of the programme is a business simulation enabling students to apply key concepts to real world problems.

This innovative award has been designed specifically for career professionals, and provides considerable flexibility in both mode and place of study, while offering students four entry and examination points per year. This will help students to successfully combine work and study. Learning materials and online tools, specially designed for the Global MBA, will equip students to understand and address the enormous challenges that face today's global business leaders.

Professor Sir Adrian Smith FRS, Vice-Chancellor, University of London, said: 'This is a very exciting new programme being delivered through the University of London. It's current, it's relevant, and it meets the needs of career professionals and employers in a broad range of sectors.'

He added: 'This programme is also unique in that we have collaborated with professional organisations of the highest international standing. These organisations will provide our students with huge benefits by securing their ongoing personal and professional development.'

Dr Mary Stiasny OBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), University of London, said: 'With the academic expertise provided by an internationally acclaimed faculty from QMUL, and our experience in delivering quality academic awards across the world since 1858, we believe this programme will enrich the working lives of the diverse array of professionals who choose to enrol on this programme, and their employers across the world.'

Professor Ioannis Kokkoris, Programme Director for the Global MBA, QMUL, said: 'Whether it is the case of advancing your career, switching to another industry or starting your own business – the University of London Global MBA will give you the confidence, the skills and the connections to create your own success story.'

Applications for the Global MBA open on the 9th January 2017, and students are given the flexibility to pay per module rather than all at once. Students without all the entry qualifications will be able to take an online 'International Business Essentials' module and, on successful completion, this may contribute to them becoming eligible to apply for the Global MBA.

Other postgraduate awards from this programme (at diploma and certificate level) are also available for students wishing to gain a general or specialist qualification.

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