《市務人員》系列 –【上位術】3招煉成全腦型達人 度蹺計數「拍住上」

《市務人員》系列 –【上位術】3招煉成全腦型達人 度蹺計數「拍住上」



- 右腦思考型:宜主動接觸財務報表及各項研究數據,分析不同平台可接觸的客戶群,從而製定針對性的宣傳策略。

- 左腦思考型:宜努力鑽研各種宣傳案例,多向競爭對手及其他行業取經,重點記錄自己在每個案例中所學到的成功因素。

《異數》(Outliers)作者葛拉威爾(Malcolm Gladwell)曾於書中提到,不管哪一門專業,成功的最大前提,都需要至少10年(或1萬個小時)的密集式練習。凌羽一鼓勵職場新人做好職涯規劃,並跟從上述1萬小時法則,選定學習範圍,透過實驗與犯錯,從中自省,令自己成為業界專才。





-《市務人員》系列 –【薪酬一覽】數碼營銷人才渴市 月薪$8萬跑贏同行

-《市務人員》系列 –【調查】8成高管促變革 揭行業發展6趨勢


The Making of a Real Marketing Expert: Three Key Concepts

Whole-brain (balancing the left and right) marketing is essential in today's digital environment as the integration of methodology and technology across multiple digital channels is evolving almost in real time.

As suggested by Jeffrey Hui, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM), in order to make the most out of their talent in an ever-changing digital environment, real marketing experts will need to devote themselves to these three concepts:

1/ Deliberate Practices
As a whole-brain marketer, you need a particular kind of practice to develop your expertise. Deliberate practice entails specific and sustained efforts to do something that you cannot do well or even at all. It includes concentrated training, techniques of visualisation and scenario planning involving focused efforts to improve on weaknesses as well as to build on strengths.

The key point with training is not the length of time spent practising – it is the amount of quality-focused practice undertaken on a regular basis.

2/ The 10,000-hour Rule
Good things take time. In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Even the most gifted talent need a minimum of ten years of intense training before they succeed at the international level.

3/ Finding Coaches and Mentors
The development of expertise requires coaches who are capable of giving outstanding coaching, feedback and mentorship. Real experts are extremely motivated students who seek out such feedback and they need different kinds of teachers at different stages of their development. Here are the main attributes of the three levels of mentors:

- Level-1 Mentors: Local teachers who can give generously of their time and praise
- Level-2 Mentors: More-advanced coaches who keep improving their skills and techniques
- Level-3 Mentors: Those who have themselves attained international-level achievements

The key to integrated marketing success, from campaigns to agency structuring, lies in whole-brain thinking. It is all about balance and at the moment many organisations and brands are struggling to make the most out their left- and right-brain marketers. The ones that do clearly lead.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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May 29, 2015

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