《市務人員》系列 –【薪酬一覽】數碼營銷人才渴市 月薪$8萬跑贏同行

《市務人員》系列 –【薪酬一覽】數碼營銷人才渴市 月薪$8萬跑贏同行

根據最新公布的《CTHR 2015年上半年度薪酬及招聘趨勢調查》顯示,2015年上半年度招聘氣氛正面,達4成僱主表示有意增聘,平均增聘8.6%人手;尤以市場營銷業最活躍。續上期《市務人員》系列(全文按此),CTgoodjobs繼續探討市場營銷的發展前景,以及行內各職級的薪酬概況。

熱搶數碼營銷人才 年資10年月薪達$8萬



隨著僱主的要求亦愈來愈高,加上社交網絡興起,市務人員要做到O2O(Online to Offline)實屬不易。下一期,我們將與大家分享成為「全腦型」市務人員的3大要訣,助各位升職升值,敬請密切留意。

-《市務人員》系列 –【調查】8成高管促變革 揭行業發展6趨勢


Marketing Salary Overview: Digital Specialists' Earning Capacity Continues to Grow

According to the latest CTHR Salary and Employment Trends Survey – 1H 2015, about 40% of employers have hiring plans, with the average increase in headcount at 8.6%. Marketing is the industry with the strongest hiring intentions. To continue last week's topic on the six major trends in marketing, in this issue, we will look further into the career paths and salary packages of marketers at different job levels.

As the global big data trend will continue to drive up the talent demand of skilful digital marketers, the monthly salary median for digital professionals is among the highest in the marketing landscape. According to CTgoodjobs' analysis, marketing executives specialising in in-house brand/marketing management earn a median monthly salary of $14,000 at entry level; $35,000 at mid level and $70,000 at senior level.

Average monthly salaries for digital marketing executives are slightly higher, at $16,000, $40,000 and $80,000 for entry level, mid level and senior level respectively.

Below are more median salary numbers in different marketing areas collected from SalaryCheck, the salary search engine of CTgoodjobs.

As shown in above table, digital experts at advertising agencies get the highest monthly salary rate at about $17,000 (entry level), $35,000 (mid level) and $65,000 (senior level). Meanwhile, the lowest rate goes to creative, receiving only $14,000, $35,000 and $50,000 for entry level, mid level and senior level respectively.

In the next issue, we will share the three key concepts of becoming a real expert — the whole-brain marketer. Stay tuned!

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May 21, 2015

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