【調查】近半僱主擬增聘 4成人曾考慮裸辭

【調查】近半僱主擬增聘 4成人曾考慮裸辭

最新公布的《CTHR 2017年第一季度薪酬及招聘趨勢調查》顯示,大部分受訪僱主有意輕微加薪,但對招聘持相對審慎態度。7成有增聘計劃的僱主打算招聘初級員工;尤以銷售 / 顧客服務 / 業務發展的工種需求最大。另一方面,大部分受訪僱員對現職感到不滿,並有轉工打算,4成人更曾考慮裸辭。

人力資源資訊網站CTHR於2017年1月期間,進行《CTHR 2017年第一季度薪酬及招聘趨勢調查》網上問卷調查,成功訪問共1,153名僱員及161名僱主,對象涵蓋34個行業;探討期內僱主的招聘意欲、打工仔的加薪期望和轉職計劃。

近半僱主擬增聘  銷售、客服需求最大
調查顯示,接近半數(48%)受訪僱主於2017年有增聘計劃,而增聘人手比率中位數為4%,47%則表示會凍結人手,僅5%表示會裁員。而有增聘計劃的僱主中,70%打算招聘初級員工,49%打算招聘主管 / 主任級員工。

按工種劃分,34個行業中,以銷售 / 顧客服務 / 業務發展的工種需求最大(23%),其次為會計 / 審計(22%),資訊科技(18%)和行政(17%),而物流 / 運輸市場營銷 / 公共關係零售等人才亦有一定需求。


厭倦打工生活  4成人曾考慮裸辭





Recruitment expected to slow down, survey shows

Most Hong Kong employers polled in the latest CTHR Salary Trends and Employment Survey Q1 2017 plan to offer modest salary increases this year, but envisage recruitment slowing down. At the same time, a large percentage of the employees surveyed are dissatisfied and looking to change jobs in 2017.

Close to half the employers interviewed (48%) said they planned to hire more staff in 2017, with almost 47% saying they would either freeze employment or had no recruitment plans – and 5% would lay off staff. Those aiming to recruit anticipated a median 4% increase in staff numbers.

Nearly 70% of the companies expecting to hire in 2017 were targeting entry-level staff, followed by employees in supervisory positions (49%).

Surveyed employers were primarily looking to fill positions in sales, business development and customer service (23%), accounting and auditing (22%), information technology (18%), and administration (17%). Next in line were logistics and transportation, marketing and public relations, and retail. Bottom of the list are jobs in building and construction.

Most polled employers (42%) believed that recruitment would slow down this year compared with 2016. Just under 40% believed it would remain stable.

The surveyed employers estimated a median staff turnover rate of 10% in 2017. On the other hand, more than two-thirds of the employees polled said they were either currently looking for a new job or planning to do so.

A considerable percentage of the employees surveyed (40%) said they had in the past six months thought of resigning their jobs without having another one to rely on.

Other key findings were:
-Three-quarters of the companies surveyed said they had budgeted for salary increases for their employees in 2017.

-Just over half the companies polled (52%) said all staff had received end-of-year or discretional bonuses in 2016, while 30% said only select employees received a 13th cheque.

-Overall company performance (89%) and individual performance (88%) were the two most important factors considered by the polled employers in respect of pay adjustments and bonuses.

-The employees looking for a new job, or planning to do so, cited dissatisfaction with their salary or benefits and little opportunity for advancement as the main reasons for wanting to move on.

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