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Guest: My kids were very disappointed that the swimming pool wasn't open this morning; we did pay a lot for living here!
Receptionist: I apologize for that (我真的很抱歉) because we could not get a cleaner any earlier than 10 am, we are now speeding up the cleaning procedure and the swimming pool will be opened 30 minutes later. (解釋酒店的立場,盡量令客人理解。)

Guest: I thought my room charge should be under $1500, that is what you said when we checked in yesterday, how come you are now charging us $1600?
Receptionist: OK, please wait for a second and let me check for you (請等一等,讓我先查一查) …… we can see that there's an extra charge in your bill. (Guest: Oh, sorry, I forgot my husband ordered a plate of nachos. I am very sorry.
Receptionist: That's all right (不用客氣), so would you like to pay in cash or credit card?


有一次,筆者在酒店的西餐廳見到一位侍應生向一位外藉人士奉上是日餐湯時,很客氣地對他說:「Madam, please drink soup.」雖然文法通順,但這位外國人聽下去時總是怪怪的。我們中文會說喝為「Drink」,例如「drink some water」、「Drink a cup of coffee」。而英文字「Drink」只可用在飲品上,而那些飲品要從容器直接喝,那不需要用上匙羹來喝的情況。例如喝水、喝茶、咖啡、牛奶、橙汁等。而喝湯就需要用上匙羹來喝,所以就要說成 "Please take soup"、"Please have soup",才覺得你有禮貌。

How do you like 及 How would you like這兩句句子常被混淆使用。How do you like 是直接問人的感受或想法,所以你可以問客人 "How do you like your coffee?" 客人會回答 "I like it (我喜歡)"、 "I don't like it (我不喜歡)" 、"Too bitter (太苦)" 、 "Too strong (太濃)" 、 "Too weak (太淡)" 等。而How would you like 就是問客人想怎樣處理? 例如你問客人 "How would you like your steak?" 就是想問客人的牛排想要幾成熟? 而客人通常會回答: Rare (一成熟)、Medium Rare (三成熟)、Medium (五成熟) Medium Well (七成熟)Well Done (全熟),所以緊記要留心使用不同的字句。


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