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電視也立體 3D-TV

Jaden任職於大型電器店,今天一對外籍夫婦Mr and Mrs Smith來選購電視機。他們即將搬屋,所以想購買超高清、超薄的大型電視。Jaden向他們介紹一個韓國著名品牌,二人深感滿意,準備購買這部三萬元的電視機 。Jaden再游說:「Would you like to upgrade to the latest 3D TV?  You only have to pay the difference of $6000 to take it home 你想升級至立體電視嗎?只需補六千元差價,就可帶回家欣賞。」

「We have only watched 3D movies in the cinema.  Is 3D TV popular? 」 Mr Smith只看過立體電影,未試過立體電視,故有點疑惑。

「3D home entertainment is the trend these days.  You can watch DVD with the blue ray player, and some football matches are also in 3D. 立體家庭影院是今日大勢所趨,你可以用藍光影碟機睇碟,甚至球賽都有立體播放哩。」


「You made an excellent choice!  Please follow me to the cashier. 你真識揀,請跟我到付款處吧。」

Mr Smith 主動開口想落訂:「Can I pay a deposit of goodwill, say, $1000? 」

「Oh I'm very sorry Sir.  It's our company policy to take 50% deposit, that is $18,000.  I can take credit card today, but the balance is COD. 對不起啊,公司規矩是要收五成訂金,即萬八元,今日交訂可碌卡,尾數送貨時收現金。」

Mrs. Smith:「Did you say cod?  Cod is a kind of fish! 」

「I do apologize Madam!  I mean Cash On Delivery, C-O-D is our jargon. 唔好意思,我是指『貨到付現』,COD是我們行內術語吧。」

「Can you deliver the TV free of charge?」史密夫先生問能否免費送貨。

「Well, it depends on the place.  No charge for HK Island or Kowloon, but there is a charge for the New Territories or Outlying Islands.  And the address….? 那就在乎送往何處。港島九龍免費,但新界離島就要收錢了。請問送貨地址?」

「Discovery Bay。」

「Let me check.  OK, the cost to Discovery Bay is $300, and you also pay cash for it.  讓我查一查。啊,愉景灣的運費是三百元,也收現金。」



- goodwill 商譽,亦解作「良好意願」。如客人付一個deposit of goodwill,代表他很有誠意。

- balance 平衡,但在零售業,balance解作餘額(與deposit相對),因為deposit + balance = value of the goods 這樣,貨值就平衡了。Balance亦是天秤,英文idiom說hangs in the balance就是尚有很多未知之數,very uncertain之意

- cod銀鱈魚

雷文漢  香港職業發展服務處  英語課程導師

上載日期:14 Jul 2014

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