10大求職面試刁鑽題 絕密曝光!

10大求職面試刁鑽題 絕密曝光!
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1/ 你的工作表現似乎相當不俗,但為甚麼始終未被晉升到更高職位?
(You seem to be performing quite well in your current/ previous job, why were you not promoted?)

2/ 你前任或現任上司、老闆對你作出過怎樣的批評呢?
(What type of criticism has your former manager/ supervisor given you?)

3/ 如果你有機會改善上一份工作的表現,你認為是哪方面的改進?
(If you could have made improvement in your last job, what would they have been?)

4/ 請形容一次你表現欠佳的工作情況。
(Please describe a work situation that you feel you have poorly performed?)

5/ 甚麼類型的人最令你煩厭?
(What kinds of people annoy you the most?)

6/ 假如要你為一個比你遜色的人效力,你覺得如何?
(How would you feel about working for someone who is not as brilliant as you?)

7/ 你如何形容前任上司、老闆?
(How do you describe your previous boss?)

8/ 你認為自己哪方面比其他求職者優勝?
(How do you differentiate yourself from hundreds of applicants?)

9/ 哪些優秀的個人特質是你所欠缺的呢?
(Are there any positive character traits that you do not possess?)

10/ 怎樣的工作環境讓你感覺最舒適?
(In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable?)

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