5 ways to work more efficiently!

Does it seem like you have been working for hours but there is still hours to go? Did you wish there was 1 more hour in each day? Here are 5 tips to speed up your efficiency and save you time!

  1. Make a to-do list: When you have 20 things you know you have to complete, it can be overwhelming. One thing that has really helped me is creating a to-do list and setting priorities for the items that need to get done, items that should get done and items that I would like to get done. Making a to-do list will be invaluable planning your daily and weekly schedules.

  2. DO NOT USE Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc: I am sure this does not need much explanation. As much as you think you can work with these things going on at the same time, you probably cannot. Personally, if I have work that does not require internet, I disconnect my wireless network and close everything except for the necessary documents.

  3. Sleep well: This is critical! Your brain needs to be well rested and taken care of before it helps you with your work! If you are feeling light headed or sleepy, have a 20 minute nap before starting or take a shower to freshen up.

  4. Be comfortable: Wear comfortable clothes, turn on heaters or air conditioners, eat well, and do whatever is best for you. Most importantly, have an upright position while working. Doing work on your bed or slouching as you type will be distracting and reduce your focus. Be in an alert position and your brain will respond to your body language.

  5. Listen to music: You have got to be smart and honest about this. Some people simply cannot work with music while others can! Classical music has been proven to help students focus and concentrate so try it out if you have not. Search up: Yurima (he is a talented pianist), I have an entire playlist of his music to help me when I need to finish up work fast.

Try these 5 tips and see how well they work for you! Thank you for reading! Please let us know what you think and share any tips that work for you by leaving a comment here.

Christopher Chang
English Teacher
Connect the Dots

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