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A job well done

by Wendy Shair

Rayson Chan (middle), Investment Consultant, Citibank Hong Kong, says that the HKIB Awards was an excellent opportunity that reinforced his career aspirations
Rayson Chan (middle), Investment Consultant, Citibank Hong Kong, says that the HKIB Awards was an excellent opportunity that reinforced his career aspirations
Photo: Wallace Chan
Grand award reinforces winner's aspirations for career success in the banking industry

Professional credentials and industry awards give workers in the banking and financial industry the chance to earn recognition for their knowledge and understanding of best practices.

This is something that seasoned Investment Consultant Rayson Chan from Citbank Hong Kong discovered for himself when he was selected as the Grand Award winner in the Group B category of this year's Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards.

With nine years of experience in the banking industry under his belt, Mr Chan says his success in the HKIB Awards can be attributed to hard work, good analytical ability and strong interpersonal skills, as well as the experiences shared with his customers through the years.

He is grateful for the support from the bank's training team and, in particular, members of the bank's senior management for their help and guidance during his preparations for the competition.

"My winning formula is day-to-day personal effort plus teamwork," Mr Chan says. "My colleagues spent a lot of time gearing me up for the award over the past few months. They gave me practical advice to help me sharpen the skills I acquired over the years, in order to prepare for my written proposals and presentation. I dedicate this award to my colleagues for their diligence and expertise."

Continuing on the road to success

Competition in the banking and finance industry is expected to intensify as Hong Kong and mainland Chinese customers continue to become more financially savvy and gain a better understanding of the sector.

"Apart from giving our customers sound wealth management advice, we must also help them develop a thorough understanding of their financial needs and prioritise their objectives and goals for the future," Mr Chan emphasises. He notes that the HKIB Awards gave him an excellent opportunity not only to review his skill sets but, more importantly, to reinforce his career aspirations.

"While preparing for the competition, I came across a good number of complicated case studies, which allowed me to increase my knowledge and upgrade my skills. I've sharpened my professional edge during the process and now find myself more familiar with many aspects of financial analysis and wealth management," he says. "All the things I've learnt will eventually translate into me serving my clients better."

In a bid to move up the career ladder and expand his scope of competence, Mr Chan aims to further enhance his banking knowledge and communication skills through ongoing learning. "I'm eager to take on new challenges and continuously improve my planning skills and client-service techniques to develop a long-term career in the field."

Higher standards

Hong Kong's banking and finance industry is known worldwide for its sophistication and efficiency. To maintain this global standing, banking employers in the city are paying a premium to attract, develop and retain talent.

To maintain this global standing, banking employers in the city are paying a premium to attract, develop and retain talent.
Maisie Lam
Country Human Resources Director
Citi Hong Kong
Photo: Courtesy of Citi Hong Kong

Since a knowledgeable and resourceful workforce plays a pivotal role in client-service excellence, the bank is committed to talent development, says Maisie Lam, Country Human Resources Director, Citi Hong Kong. Citibank designs and runs a well-balanced training calendar. "We set very high professional standards, particularly when it comes to client service," Mrs Lam says.

The bank takes pride in its learning culture, which encourages ideas exchange and facilitates professionalism. Part of this is a strong, dedicated market research team, which provides staff with market updates, forecasts and analyses. "Our objective is to reinforce the importance of wealth management and our service standards," she says.

Strict compliance requirements are essential for the healthy development of Hong Kong's banking and finance industry, Mrs Lam points out. "As a leading global banking institution, we require all our staff to observe strict compliance standards. This helps to raise our service standards and maintains our reputation," she adds.

The annual HKIB Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards recognise not only the level of professionalism that individual winners have achieved, but also the contribution that outstanding workers make to Hong Kong's banking community, Mrs Lam stresses.

The contest provides a model platform, allowing industry professionals to engage in healthy competition and positive ideas exchange and promoting continuous learning and development.

"This signature event offers banking processionals a golden opportunity to broaden their horizons, sharpen their judgement and expand their skills repertoire," Mrs Lam notes. "Our bank will continue to play an active role in building talent for the sustainable future of Hong Kong's banking and finance industry."

In view of the complexities of the financial markets, wealth management professionals should always look to improve their skills and client-service techniques, she remarks.

Moving up

  • Annual event promotes continuous learning and development
  • Knowledgeable and resourceful workforce plays a pivotal role in service excellence
  • Strict compliance requirements raise service standards

Taken from Career Times 2 December 2011, A12

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