Money Moves

A return to optimism

by Billy Chan

Elaine Lau, managing director
Tanrich Futures Limited
Photo: Wallace Chan

Confidence in the banking and finance industry may have been dented by last year's financial slump but the industry is quick to pick up its pace and people eyeing a career in the field may now take advantage of a rosy outlook.

This is according to Elaine Lau, managing director, Tanrich Futures Limited, a trading arm of the Tanrich Financial Group.

"The time is ripe for newcomers to get to know the nuts and bolts of the market, considering the relatively low daily Hong Kong share-trading turnover," Ms Lau says. "This shows that the market has not yet reached its peak, and people can use this down time to hone their knowledge and skills for the next upswing."

Considering the prospects of stronger market growth in the second half of the year, Ms Lau estimates that Hong Kong-based Tanrich, which is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, will be recruiting about 50 to 80 new staff.

Since most of the new recruits will be working directly with clients, they are expected to demonstrate outstanding communication skills, in addition to having passed the required Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI) licensing examinations. "The HKSI qualification is essential and we don't insist on recruits having a university degree," Ms Lau adds.

Both high-performing newcomers and experienced professionals can have highly rewarding careers working in "financial supermarkets" - investment firms with a large clientele and offering a vast range of financial products.

Every year, Tanrich provides staff with two promotion opportunities, based on an evaluation of their performances, client feedback and job attendance.

Entry-level employees can work as investment consultants, responsible for equities and futures trading; or wealth planners, focusing on activities that are regulated by PIBA (Professional Insurance Broker Association) such as insurance policies.

The next step up is to senior consultant and managerial positions, following by assistant vice president, senior vice president and managing director.

Recruitment will peak from now until the end of summer, according to Ms Lau. This year, Tanrich can take advantage of its new online trading system to hire more staff specialising in futures trading.

Fresh graduates tend to be less likely to job hop but Ms Lau expects competition for the best talent to remain keen as the market strengthens.

Look to the future

  • A good time to consider a career in the financial services industry
  • Firm to recruit 50 to 80 new staff this year
  • Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI) licence essential
  • Ample opportunity for promotion for all employees

Taken from Career Times 12 March 2010, A13

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