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Two fresh faces win over contestants to launch new modelling careers

The CTgoodjobs.hk_Top_Models_competition

Following a two-week long public vote and an independent panel assessment, two Top Models stepped into the limelight and each will take home a HK$10,000 cash prize and a modelling contract with M. SPY Model Agency Limited, plus a starring role in an upcoming television commercial.

The Top Models competition spanned six whole weeks with model hopefuls first submitting an application and photos for initial screening. Selected candidates were then invited to a rouge workshop where they received guidance from make-up artists and professional image consultants prior to a casting session.

Members of the judging panel gave weight not only to the contestants' personal appearance, personality and temperament, but they also took into consideration essentials such as eloquence, communication skills, product interpretation, facial expression as well as creativity.

Up and coming

Only a handful of the contestants made it into the next stage, which comprised a series of publicity and promotional activities, further assessment and an online public vote.

It was a 9,050-vote sweeping success for young heartthrob Brian Chan On-lap. "My friends helped spread the word and voted for me," he concedes.

A recent graduate in humanity from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Brian has received a great deal of attention, probably for his good look and sunny countenance, and encouragement from his friends and schoolmates for a starry future career. He didn't give it much thought until now that he has completed his university study and has all the time at his disposal. "I just thought I deserve some fun but then I also take it seriously. The Top Models competition was a good learning opportunity for me," he says.

Brian feels that success in the modeling profession cannot be accidental - it takes hard work, dedication and a genuine passion. This view, he notes, is shared by some of his friends already in the trade. "There's so much in it about opportunity and networking," he adds.

A career in the entertainment industry is definitely not for the fainthearted but Brian seems determined to pursue one, ideally as a TV host, and he does not rule out other opportunities, which may come his way in future.

Over the last couple of years, he has had a fair bit of emcee experience at school events and he appreciated it. "I did quite well in the casting session too," he recalls. "And, I gave a fairly steady performance."

He believes that a good job is one that fuels personal interests and supports fulfilment of aspirations. "This also has a lot to do with the people you work with because working relations constitute a pleasant and supportive environment for people to perform at their best and excel at the job," he remarks. "Money is important and not always a priority."

Drop dead gorgeous

Girl-next-door Clarisse Lau has a clear, natural complexion to die for but it was her friendly disposition that won her 5,881 votes and the title of's Top Model.

"I had never enrolled in competitions of any kind before so I found this a fun and exciting experience," she says. "I wanted to take the opportunity to get in touch with and live up to my potential." She is also vocal about her gratitude for her friends' support.

A marketing graduate from the Middlesex University in the UK, Clarisse aspires to develop a career in business management. In what seems to be a completely surprising turn of events, she became a fashion and editorial model some six months ago.

Modelling gives her satisfaction and flexibility in managing her time, work schedule and challenge. When it comes to career decisions, her business training comes into play. "I have over the past few months fulfilled my short-term goal, which was to be chosen for and completed a number of modelling assignments including the upcoming TVC," she explains.

"As for the long-term, I'm looking to taking part in a more sizeable project - one that would give me a career boost." Continuous self-enhancement is vital, she adds. "I need to know that I'm good and ready for any future opportunities."

New to the employment market, Clarisse is clear about her expectations and is prepared to confront workplace reality with a zest for life at work. "Everybody has to face hardship and challenge at some point in life," she says. "It is important that you choose to enter the right profession and love and respect your job. Only then will you be able to embrace all the change and challenge that life throws in your path."

She points out it is of equal importance that employees initiate and maintain communication with their employers. "Let you boss learn of your aspirations and what you want for your future at the company," she says.

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