Money Moves

A step in the right direction

by Mayse Lam

Garry Stuchbery
business development manager
Horwath Financial Services Limited
Photo: Wallace Chan

With fierce competition between financial organisations, it can be a challenge finding success in the banking and finance industry.

People and company values are the key to competitiveness, says Garry Stuchbery, business development manager, Horwath Financial Services Limited. "Our people and values are inter-related. We strive to train our staff members with the right ethics, because there is a strong correlation between the two. With the correct attitude, our financial advisors provide the professional services our clients are looking for. This eventually leads to more referrals," explains Mr Stuchbery.

Horwath Financial Services was recently acquired by Professional Investment Services (PIS), Australia's largest financial planning group with over 1,400 advisors.

Having recently opened a new office in Hong Kong, the company is looking to recruit six new financial advisors. "The recruitment procedure involves three lengthy screening processes, during which the individuals not only have to present themselves to us, but demonstrate that they have the appropriate skills and mindset," says Mr Stuchbery.

Applicants' academic qualifications and experience are important, but a high value is also placed on personality and attitude, he says. "Advisors should have the appropriate ethical values, but, more importantly, they should possess a strong drive and a commitment to giving their clients the best possible advice," he notes.

As a reward for hard work and dedication, Horwath offers its high achievers a range of attractive incentives. "For instance, we are one of the few companies that offer equity participation to members of our network, as well as very competitive commission packages," says Mr Stuchbery.

But these initiatives are not the only reasons for the company's competitiveness. "The key to our success actually lies in the fact that we work with accountants from around the world who refer their clients to our advisors. This unique practice has proven to work extremely well for our parent company, and we are also currently implementing this initiative in Hong Kong," he states.

"There is tremendous opportunity for growth in Hong Kong and mainland China's financial services industries and our company plans to be well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities," concludes Mr Stuchbery.

Taken from Career Times 28 September 2007, p. A2
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