Money Moves

A very serious financial game

by Isabella Lee

William Lee, group executive director and chief operating officer, Taifook Securities Group Limited
Photo: Johnson Poon

Quality financial professionals play an important role in maintaining the position of Hong Kong as an international financial centre. Consequently, ongoing upgrades in training and education are a must for such people to keep their smarts at the cutting edge of the constantly changing financial world.

For younger practitioners, it is even more essential to be fully up to speed before they are qualified to manage the fiscal portfolios of serious investors. A valued platform for undergraduates to test their investment knowledge is the annual China Hong Kong Investment Simulation Competition (CHKISC), in which participants are required to trade Hong Kong and China shares in a simulated and user-friendly online trading situation. In this 17th year of the competition, up to 1,600 participants will invest a simulated capital of HK$1 million and RMB 1 million in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai A-share markets, using the real-time quotation system. On the closing day of the competition, the participant with the highest-value aggregate investment portfolio becomes the champion and is presented a certificate and a cash prize of HK$10,000.

William Lee, group executive director and chief operating officer of Taifook Securities Group Limited says, "The CHKISC is one of the most meaningful investment competitions in the academic sector, allowing participants to put investment theories into practice and experience the intricacies of the real investment world."

The simulated platform offers valuable investment experience to students who conduct trades without any real loss and prepares them to better manage their portfolios in the future. "We are very pleased to be a sponsor of the CHKISC. This programme demonstrates Taifook's commitment to human capital management, learning and development for university students," Mr Lee adds.

Established in Hong Kong for 34 years, Taifook attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, particularly in the areas of education, training and development for the financial services industry. Besides sponsoring CHKISC's usage of the online trading platform, Taifook also hosts a series of investment seminars conducted by the company's professional team. Mr Lee points out that such support enhances students' knowledge and interest in stock exchange movements and encourages them to adopt the right mindset towards investment and wealth management.

"As a caring corporate citizen, we take into account the well-being of the community as a whole, and give our dedicated support to various meaningful endeavours regardless of financial returns," says Mr Lee. "The guiding factor is that they make an overall positive impact on both the society and the industry." To foster the sustainable development of society in these fast-paced modern times, he emphasises the significance of nurturing a diversified pool of talents who are well equipped to capture opportunities and are prepared to make a contribution to the society.

Taken from Career Times 09 March 2007, p. A2
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