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A winning perspective

by Sophie Leung

Quest for perfection and company support help winners achieve success

Davin Chan (right), associate director
Angel Lee, associate
consultancy division
Convoy Financial Services Limited
Photo: Edde Ngan

Wealth management professionals can only do their job well if their clients are able to trust them with the confidential information necessary for tailored financial plans.

Davin Chan, winner of a Best Financial Planning Proposal Award (Group B) in this year's Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards, says that a customer-centred approach is the best way of conducting business with customers.

Mr Chan, an associate director of Convoy Financial Services Limited's consultancy division, feels honoured by his achievement and the recognition it has brought from other professionals and clients.

"I've always aspired to be among the top five per cent in my field and I spare no effort to achieve my target," he notes, adding that he views the accolade as an affirmation of his company's professionalism.

Merit award winner Angel Lee, an associate in Convoy's consultancy division, says, "It is essential to aim high to win the competition, as well as customers. We endeavour to improve two-way communications with our clients and we take their needs, priorities and resources into account when devising tailor-made financial plans."

Ms Lee explains that she has found visual aids very effective in explaining concepts as they tend to relay messages efficiently.

She is grateful for the support her company gave her throughout the preparation period for the competition. "The management, corporate communications and training department spent valuable time to provide important feedback following our mock presentations," she adds.

Solid training

Convoy invests substantial resources in training staff members entering the annual industry competition.

Mr Chan agrees with Ms Lee in listing the company's support as one of the key factors contributing to his success not only in the competition but also in his career. "Convoy's training department organised briefing sessions and invited past winners to share their competition experiences with us," he says.

There is no quick and easy route to success. Apart from special coaching sessions, all frontline financial planning staff receive ongoing training. Recalling his early days at the financial conglomerate, Mr Chan points out that there are many opportunities for even junior Convoy staff to hone their public speaking skills, for example, through presentations at professional training workshops and consultancy meetings, sometimes in front of huge audiences.

Mr Chan regards this sort of exposure as invaluable to his career development and personal growth. "I have learnt through hands-on experience and worked on improving my communication skills, so I am better equipped to serve different customers' needs. Being exposed to the best practices in the industry at Convoy helped me become a winner in the competition."

The company supports its frontline staff by providing them with up-to-date market news and comprehensive financial analysis.

"We are also supported by research, product and customer service teams so that we can focus our attention on recognising our customers' needs and improving communication with them," he remarks.

Aim for perfection

Mr Chan says he is always determined to provide customers with the best possible service. "It is by becoming a top wealth management professional that you attract customers to you, instead of having to go out to look for them," he notes.

When drawing up presentations, he carefully considers every detail. He also reads many corporate annual or seasonal reports to widen his industry knowledge base. When he devised his financial planning proposal for the competition, he not only tailor-made his advice for the client in question, he also went to the effort of choosing a presentation style based on the customer's preferences. "The customer is relatively elderly, so I adopted green plants as the theme graphic. Green symbolises vitality and growth," Mr Chan explains.

To boot, Mr Chan's winning proposal illustrated not only potential profit, but also associated risk. "It is essential to include risk analysis in any financial plan, especially during an economic downturn," he notes.

The competition has prompted Ms Lee to aim for perfection in her profession. "It is a rewarding learning experience, which has boosted my confidence both personally and professionally and enhanced my insights into the larger financial planning industry."

Winning ways

  • Winning customers' trust key to success
  • Set high goals to achieve perfection
  • Company support crucial for professionals' success
  • Take clients' needs into consideration essential

Taken from Career Times 05 December 2008, p. A2
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