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All-in-one financial platform

by Wing Kei

Elton Man, chief operating officer Finet Group Ltd
Photo: Ringo Lee

Serious investors know how important it is to get reliable market information and expert analysis prior to making any major decision. To serve their needs, Finet Group Ltd has developed an all-in-one financial terminal, known as Finet PowerStation, which integrates market information, trading, multimedia and communication capabilities in a single platform.

"It provides all-inclusive functions for investors at an affordable price," says Elton Man, the company's chief operating officer. "The platform delivers a wide range of Chinese language investment information to cater for different needs and since it is modular, clients can pay for what they want."

The terminal covers US, Hong Kong and Chinese equities, foreign exchange, commodities, funds and fixed-income markets. A full range of financial tools is also available, with news, quotes, charts, commentaries and a comprehensive database.

The platform was launched in 2005 and gives investors everything needed for making decisions and executing transactions. "In Hong Kong and the mainland, independent investors can now keep close track of global market movements," says Mr Man.

Finet uses an Internet interface and has chosen to focus on delivering information in Chinese. This reflects the increasing importance of the Chinese investment community. "Users can make calls, exchange graphics and send instant messages for free with the single platform," Mr Man adds. "They can also refer to webcast commentaries to get advice from leading analysts in Hong Kong."

The company was set up in 1998 and listed in Hong Kong last year. It has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and has formed a number of strategic partnerships. "We are well positioned to cater to the surging demand among Chinese investors for multi-market, multi-product financial information," Mr Man says. The company has plans to open further offices in northern China and sees the market as still having a great deal of untapped potential.

Mr Man adds that a QDII discussion forum will be held in China in September. It will bring together leading global financial institutions and retail investors to discuss challenges, opportunities and implications of the new QDII policy and how it will affect the Chinese investment community.

Taken from Career Times 18 August 2006, p. A7
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