Money Moves

Beating the odds

by Sophie Leung

Edmund Kan
executive director
Splendor Financial Services Ltd and Splendor Global Investments Ltd
Photo: Johnson Poon

Despite the current turmoil in the financial markets, there are opportunities for aspiring individuals who wish to tap into the wealth management profession.

"The current situation is of great educational significance to financial houses and frontline sales people," says Edmund Kan, executive director, Splendor Financial Services Ltd and Splendor Global Investments Ltd. Mr Kan adds that ethics, professionalism and sensible investment advice are the cornerstones of quality financial advisory services.

To this end, Splendor dedicates a large amount of resources to staff training and customer service improvement. "Since our main focus has always been to provide outstanding financial advice and consultation, we have credibility as professional financial planners in the eyes of our customers," Mr Kan notes.

The company expects its advisors to discuss all issues and risks with customers in order to help them make informed investment decisions. Mr Kan stresses, "Investors have become more cautious about taking risks in the current economic climate, and consider all factors before making an investment decision."

According to Mr Kan, customers have become more aware of their right to be informed of possible returns and risks, and Splendor provides them with an all-in-one online valuation platform. This valuation system, for Splendor's top clients, provides a convenient record of a customer's investment portfolio. It also provides relevant market updates, trend analysis and an instant valuation of their assets.

They may also add investments other than the ones they have made with Splendor, such as real estate, to their valuation lists, so that they can get a full picture of all their assets at a glance. "This service is designed to help clients make informed decisions and to strengthen communication between our customers and advisors," Mr Kan says.

Splendor has been advising customers on wealth management for more than a decade, and has built up a large loyal client base. New recruits joining the company benefit from this valuable database as they develop their careers.

The company is focused on upholding professional standards and provides employees with subsidies to aid their studies for relevant professional qualifications and accreditation. New recruits are also paired with experienced employees who act as mentors.

"We are keen to invest in staff development and to help our staff succeed in the industry," Mr Kan concludes.

Seizing the day

  • Quality service and professionalism more important than ever
  • Keener focus on staff training and customer service
  • Online platform helps clients make informed decisions
  • New recruits benefit from large client database

Taken from Career Times 24 October 2008, p. A7
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