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Brace for change in the digital era

by Isabella Lee

Jeremy Godfrey
Government Chief Information Officer
Hong Kong SAR Government
Photo: Courtesy of HKET

Transitions and transformations are smoothed by good use of technology

In recent years the extensive use of technology has led to a rapid rate of change and increased productivity in the business sector.

"Change is not just about technology. The effective application of IT enables change and that is extremely important," notes Jeremy Godfrey, Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.

To make things happen through any change project, an enterprise needs to clearly define its business goals or a public sector organisation to understand its new vision of public policy, so that with the help of information and technology, new operating levels can be achieved.

Mr Godfrey views the correct alignment of technology applications with business priorities as one of the keys to success for a company to achieve its IT objectives.

All-round practice

Hardware and technology are just tools but when combined with imagination they can become powerful.

"We cannot downplay the role of technology and importantly it is the IT managers who are there to inspire and lead the business users in the use of technology to achieve their goals," Mr Godfrey points out.

Along with the fundamental technical competency, a capable IT manager is expected to possess good interpersonal skills, creativity and to appreciate the requirements of a project in order to deliver a successful end result.

"Hong Kong people are very talented with the right combination of hard and soft skills and the know-how to apply them effectively in a business context, there is every prospect for Hong Kong to become the IT hub in Asia," Mr Godfrey further points out.

Optimistic outlook

Across the border, China's development is rolling ahead and ample business opportunities are opening up. With its fast-growing banking system, booming tourism industry and energy infrastructure, the demand for technology and talent is huge, thereby creating tremendous prospects for people and businesses in Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong is well positioned as a link between China and the global marketplace, and Hong Kong people have the experience in handling businesses in mainland domestic markets. The talent pool in Hong Kong has good business focus, and we understand the culture and economy. Also, with Hong Kong's legal system, we have sophisticated property rights and privacy protection," Mr Godfrey observes.

He adds that events such as the upcoming Hong Kong Computer Society Outstanding IT Achiever Awards 2008, of which he will be a member of the judging panel, play an important role in promoting the Hong Kong brand in the IT sector. Above all, it tells the world that the city is a good choice where people can find IT and software service and it provides a career structure to which young people in Hong Kong can aspire.

"When people choose a career, they need to understand that IT is a force in the world. It is a worthwhile career that can be financially rewarding as well," Mr Godfrey explains.

From the judges' point of view, the HKCS Outstanding IT Achiever Awards 2008 will not only focus on the capabilities of fulfilling the responsibilities of an IT manager, but also identify IT professionals whose achievements enable their organisations to achieve goals through the effective application of IT activities.


Taken from Career Times 05 December 2008, p. B6
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