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Centenary of healthcare and more to come

by Anna Tong

Emma Jane McGrenra, clinic manager, Matilda Medical Centre & HSBC Clinics
Photo: Wallace Chan

International hospital opens health centre in central as celebration of 100 years in healthcare

As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of Matilda International Hospital, the Matilda Health Centre was opened in November 2006 with its grand opening ceremony launched in January this year.

A world-class facility, the hospital on the Peak was named after Granville Sharp's beloved wife, Matilda, and continues in her spirit of compassion for those in need. Today, Matilda's reputation attracts patients from all over Hong Kong. "The health centre is conveniently located in Central so it is accessible to everyone," Emma McGrenra, clinic manager stresses. "The aim is not just to focus on the people that work in Central but to be available to everyone familiar with the name of Matilda."

Although it is an extension of the hospital, the health centre attracts its own clientele and offers comprehensive primary healthcare such as preventative screening, vaccination, and physiotherapy and various specialist consultations. Current and new clients can have primary healthcare and regular checkups at this convenient new location. The centre also gets clients from over 50 insurance companies, while hotels appreciate the easy access and the quality of care that is now available.

Better access

In recent years there has been a push for companies to promote better medical access. "Companies now realise that they need to keep staff healthy, meaning less sick leave taken and increased productivity,'' notes Ms McGrenra. "Though most companies have onsite occupational health professionals, their staff head in our direction for comprehensive health package services." The hospital has built a good relationship with many corporations to assist in their staff wellness programmes. For example, it provides medical staffing to HSBC clinics.

Matilda is in the "business of healthcare", Ms McGrenra notes. The staff and management are dedicated to the health of patients. As an outreach to the community the centre holds talks on a variety of issues. These can be as diverse as nutrition and fitness after pregnancy and pilates tips to office workers on exercises to relieve frequent fatigue.

Healthy value

Today, although there are many clinics in the area, Matilda maintains a reputation for providing competitive healthcare services. "Clients get the Matilda service at market prices which I think makes it value for money," Ms McGrenra says. With the full backing from all departments and staff at the hospital, the centre has a clear competitive edge. "What is offered at the hospital is the same as is offered at the centre," says Ms McGrenra. "The centre opens from Mondays to Saturdays, offering convenience for clients wishing to come in either before or after work, or even during lunch hours."

The centre operates on an integrated medical service concept whereby primary health care is combined with health assessment to make an early diagnosis. "Screening and catching something early means that patients can make a rapid recovery," Ms McGrenra points out. Health assessments are done at the hospital then the patients are referred to the centre to have regular checks.

The centre focuses on educating the public to make people aware and prevent them from getting sick. Acupuncture therapy is also available at the centre as well as the services of a dietician and dentists.

The centre has been such a success that further expansion plans are expected as part of Matilda's business strategy. "We are constantly monitoring the market and will expand if and when the need arises," concludes Ms McGrenra.


Taken from Career Times 30 March 2007
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