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Certified for success

by Mayse Lam

Choi Yiu-kwan (fifth left), deputy chief executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
chairman, Treasury Markets Association
Carrie Leung (fifth right), chief executive officer, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
Photo: Johnny Kwok

The Banking and finance industry play a major role in Hong Kong's booming economy and, as society develops, there is a constant need for increasingly sophisticated banking services. It is essential that professionals in the banking sector grow together with the industry, believes Carrie Leung, chief executive officer, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB).

For this reason, the institute and the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) recently launched their first joint financial programme to enhance participants' fundamental knowledge of banking and financial products and accelerate their personal development in the field. Students who successfully complete the programme obtain a Treasury Markets Certificate.

The first Treasury Markets Certificate graduation ceremony took place on 31 July 2007 and was attended by Choi Yiu-kwan, deputy chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and chairman of the Treasury Markets Association (TMA). Congratulating the first batch of students to successfully complete the programme, Mr Choi said, "Graduates of this programme will bring a new dimension of professionalism to our industry, at the same time enhancing Hong Kong's competitiveness in the international market."

The certificate is of great significance to the finance industry. "Although both the TMA and HKIB recognise this qualification, the mere earning of the certificate does not guarantee long-term success for candidates or the industry. The aim is to integrate and use the knowledge gained during the programme as part of practitioners' overall expertise," he stressed.

Awarding the certificates, Ms Leung described the programme as "challenging and complicated". Nonetheless, all the new graduates had excelled to achieve success.

The programme is helping to elevate the professional standards of banking practitioners and to enhance their global reputation, Ms Leung added. Both the HKBI and TMA anticipate that the programme will be extended to mainland China in future. "There is tremendous demand for the programme in Hong Kong — there was a waiting list of applicants seeking admission. We believe that the demand will be equally great in the mainland," Ms Leung pointed out.

The new certificate programme demonstrates the HKIB and TMA's constant drive for progress in the banking and finance industry; and underpins the value that the two organisations' place on their profession and their people. This dedication is key for Hong Kong to sustain its position as market leader in the global industry.

Taken from Career Times 10 August 2007, p. A11
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