Communication skills and business etiquette underpin professional success

by Nicole Wong

In a recent Career Times seminar, expert speakers emphasised the importance of soft skills

Whether in a job interview, sales meeting or at a business cocktail, today's professionals must be able to present themselves to best advantage no matter what the occasion. In fact, many people who realise the importance of interpersonal skills and are ambitious to get ahead are focusing increasing attention on what it takes to make a lasting impression at work, on how to deliver presentations more effectively, and generally on standing out from the crowd.

The three keynote speakers at the "Marvellous ways to sell yourself II" seminar, organised by Career Times, made full use of their own substantial experience in communication and self-presentation to share valuable insights on these topics. Covering everything from the techniques of structured communication and maintaining a positive mindset to the essentials of social etiquette, these experts revealed some of the secrets of promoting oneself successfully in any professional or social setting.

Taken from Career Times 05 August 2005
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