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Comprehensive insurance scheme aimed at increasingly health conscious public

Charles Mak

This is the first of a fortnightly series of articles focusing on the banking and financial industries

In response to the growing demand for more personalised and comprehensive healthcare services, BUPA Health Insurance has launched a premium health insurance scheme, BUPA Crystal, that is a extension of the company's dedicated services.

Kamy Wong, the company's assistant general manager for marketing and business development, BUPA Health Insurance explains: "Government statistics show that only 40 per cent of Hong Kong people are covered by health insurance. There is evidently much room for organic growth in the health insurance market as favourable factors, including a more health conscious community post Sars, an aging population and cuts in public healthcare expenditure."

BUPA Crystal specifically caters to an expanding market segment that needs high value-added healthcare services on top of full coverage for medical expenses paid by medical card. By matching different health programmes such as nutrition consultation and in-depth check-ups to varying age and gender groups, clients will be assured of full protection at every stage of their life. "I believe personalised schemes such as BUPA Crystal will attract more quality customers in this growing market," says Ms Wong.

As a leading health insurance provider worldwide, BUPA offers clients a wide range of services with additional benefits such as international transferability and a free BUPA worldwide assistance programme as well as a unique lifetime renewal guarantee. As Ms Wong points out: "All these elements serve as part of our long-term commitment to care for the welfare of our clients. These will also further increase our competitiveness and, at the same time, make BUPA's services even more attractive in the marketplace."

Taken from Career Times 20 August 2004, p. 2
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