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Discover success in a paradise oasis

by Mariejean Li

Gerhard Aicher, hotel manager
Le Méridien Cyberport Hong Kong
Photo: Nolly Leung

International hotel offers stimulating haven for professionals and pleasure seekers alike

The number of visitors to Hong Kong is rapidly increasing with more than 25 million recorded last year alone by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau's Tourism Commission. Whether for business or pleasure, short or long-term, the search for the ultimate in hospitality is on.

Effective work and boundless relaxation can be simultaneously achieved away from the bustle of noise of Central on Hong Kong's south side. Beautifully landscaped in spacious surrounds sits a five-star contemporary oasis with an impressive array of value-added services for guests to truly indulge in.

Le Méridien Cyberport, now under the management of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc, is an artistic, modern, luxurious hotel built to meticulous design specifications with the creative at heart in mind. "We're looking to attract creative guests," says Gerhard Aicher, hotel manager, Le Méridien Cyberport Hong Kong.

Superb ambience

Upon arrival, the distinct quality and unusual features of the hotel are immediately apparent revealing why Le Méridien Cyberport received accolades such as "Best New Hotel in Asia", "Intelligent Building of the Year 2004" and "Best High-Tech Hotel 2007". Reasons for the hotel's growing success are also immediately visible. In particular, the hotel's architecture with its vast walls and high ceilings, each featuring a unique colour scheme, pattern and texture, creates an ultra-chic atmosphere for guests.

A technologically advanced lighting system with fluid colour-changing effects transforms chameleon-like to ensure effective lighting throughout the hotel. Enormous transparent windows with diaphanous curtains allow natural light to flood each room offering peaceful surrounds for guests. Most of the hotel's standard rooms, which are larger than typical Hong Kong hotel rooms, enjoy spectacular panoramic sea views. Tranquillity and friendliness abound allowing room for imagination, innovation and inspiration. "Le Méridien Cyberport is a place for our guests to discover," says Mr Aicher.

Defining itself as a hotel with cutting edge technology offering ultra comfort, guests are encouraged to explore and maximise creativity. Impossible in Central, guests can enjoy an easy stroll in the hotel's outdoor landscaped gardens. Indoors authentic therapeutic aromas fill the room whilst guests relax listening to music from state-of-the-art surround-sound stereo equipment. Each room has a 42-inch flat screen LCD TV and 100 per cent Egyptian cotton linen. The entire complex boasts 24-hour wireless Internet access for convenient connectivity.

As a business-style hotel, Le Méridien Cyberport is well known for its functionality, location and comfortable environment meeting the needs of even the most demanding professionals. Conversely, at weekends and during holidays, Hong Kong residents flock to the hotel for relaxation and family fun, crucial to maintaining a work-life balance. Le Méridien Cyberport is one of the few places in Hong Kong offering such a combination. "Our guests are from all walks of life ranging from doctors, lawyers and other business professionals, to celebrities, artists and actors. However, not surprisingly the largest percentage of our guests is actually local people," says Mr Aicher.

Brand potential

The hotel is currently in the process of developing new plans for the coming year. "Our team is re-positioning and re-launching corporate branding by introducing effective changes in order to serve our guests' changing needs," says Mr Aicher. On a global scale, creative initiatives include an "Unlock Art" programme that provides the hotel's guests access to local contemporary cultural institutions. Cultural curator Jérome Sans was brought in to instil a creative culture for the Le Méridien brand. A world-renowned chef also lends a hand in creating a signature breakfast for all Le Méridien Hotels. "Guests and visitors come to eat at our buffet-style restaurant every week and never have the same dishes twice due to constant menu rotation. From French-style to Mediterranean-style our guests will never get bored," says Mr Aicher.

Exquisite customer service is another reason for the hotel's growing success. "An extensive internal training programme for our staff maximises their potential and leadership skills. Being an international hotel, language is important, therefore all our staff speak English as we employ a language tutor each week to improve our staff's linguistic capabilities," adds Mr Aicher.

Le Méridien Cyberport also offers countless opportunities for those who are searching for a career within the industry. "We always seek to recruit people who possess the right attitude. Technical skills are important but not mandatory as they can be taught during training," Mr Aicher notes. With an effective global brand and efficient management in place, Le Méridien Cyberport truly differentiates itself from competitors when it comes to meeting expectations in style.


Taken from Career Times 26 October 2007
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