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Efficient global network speeds up airfreight deliveries

by Wing Kei

Edward Hui, director, air freight, Hong Kong & South China, DHL Global Forwarding (Hong Kong) Limited
Photo: Johnson Poon

Operator expanding services across China and in developing countries

The rise of globalisation in business brings many opportunities and challenges to the logistics sector. There is a growing need for fast and efficient logistics services as they help reduce business costs and get the product to the customer faster.

To meet the growing demands of increasingly sophisticated customers, DHL offers customised solutions from express document shipping to supply chain management, serving customers around the world. Besides air cargo, its services cover shipping, warehousing and related operations.

Edward Hui, director, air freight, Hong Kong & South China, DHL Global Forwarding (Hong Kong) Limited, says, "DHL is a visible brand and is well-known for its international express services. Our movable post boxes are everywhere and we have footprints around the world. Our established brand name helps us further develop our value-added services, especially in the logistics sector. Time is of the utmost importance since the market is very competitive. Having a global network is very important for making prompt deliveries."

Hong Kong is a key international air cargo hub and logistics centre, Mr Hui points out. "We have the edge because of our experience and strong track record in providing quality logistics services," he says. "Our customers have confidence in the services we provide, and the only drawback is the high cost of operating out of Hong Kong."

Today, the local logistics business is becoming increasingly competitive. DHL retains its leading position by providing additional services to its customers. "To further reinforce our reputation, our marketing strategy is to focus on providing tailor-made services to clients," Mr Hui says. "Our company serves as a professional consultancy able to supply valuable information to clients on the regulations and restrictions of various countries regarding logistics arrangements. We pride ourselves on the creative solutions we offer customers. Also, our air freight centre operates all hours, so that at any time of the day or night we are geared up to serve our customers."

Apart from further building its market share in China, the company is currently putting more resources into expanding its logistics business in developing economies such as South America and the Middle East. "Our staff have their own special knowledge in different industrial sectors and this helps us handle a wide range of customer inquiries all around the world," Mr Hui notes.

To expand its scope across China, DHL aims to open seven new offices there each year, getting a flying start in emerging manufacturing areas. "It's important to have a domestic network closer to our customers. China is the world's factory, and we will continue to explore additional business opportunities there," remarks Mr Hui.

DHL is equally aware of the importance of nurturing the right talent to ensure that it continues to deliver quality services, keeping the business ahead of the strong local competition. Therefore the company promotes training development among staff. "Product knowledge is very important. Also, we require our staff to be fluent in Mandarin and English and hence we offer lots of training opportunities for staff," says Mr Hui. "The language in our industry can be very technical so it is essential that staff are trained to speak the same language as our customers," he adds.

Swift acceleration

  • Faster and more efficient logistics services help customers reduce business costs
  • Customised solutions include express document shipping and supply chain management
  • Established brand name and global network help further develop value-added services and enhance competitiveness

Taken from Career Times 16 March 2007
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