English proficiency projects professional confidence

by Grace Chan

Paul Myers, service manager
Wall Street Institute
Photo: Raymond Yick

In today's cut-throat business environment, it is essential for business executives to engage in continuous learning in order to hone their business acumen and English language skills. But squeezing time in for both management and English courses may pose a major problem to most people.

Realising this, global authority in English learning Wall Street Institute (WSI) has recently launched a new self-study management development programme "Harvard ManageMentor", in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University.

The programme provides students with additional training in both English and management, imparting knowledge necessary for career advancement.

"Both aspects in the programme complement each other, making the entire learning experience more effective," says Paul Myers, service manager, Wall Street Institute.

The programme is broken down into 42 management topics ranging from time management to strategy, finance, leadership and marketing. "Each of these takes around two hours to complete. This special structure allows students to focus on their choice of topics and study anytime, anywhere," he notes.

Students also benefit from a wide array of uncomplicated study tools that are easily accessible via the institute's website as well as handheld mobile devices. "Flexibility is key to executive learning so we endeavour to offer our students a range of options," Mr Myers says.

To equip learners with management techniques that are applicable to their daily working environment, the programme incorporates more than 200 interactive learning activities including quizzes and case studies. They may check their answers against the correct ones that come with concise explanations provided by faculty members of the Harvard Business School.

Upon completion of the programme, students will have acquired a multitude of management skills such as leading and motivating, budgeting, business writing, coaching and team building.

The key to English language acquisition lies in effective application. With a view of achieving practical learning objectives, WSI encourages its students to sign up for the institution's social club activities. These may include career seminars, grammar workshops, cookery and martial arts classes, incorporating social context into language learning.

Mr Myers notes that the "Harvard ManageMentor" programme has been designed primarily to cater to the enhancement needs of WSI students. People wishing to enrol for the programme should possess an English proficiency equivalent to WSI's intermediate level. "This is to ensure that students are capable of taking full advantage of the programme while learning from each other in an effective manner," he adds.

Positioned as a premium English language learning institute, WSI prides itself on its methodology which has over the years helped more than two million students from across the globe to master their English skills.

Dual course

  • New programme facilitates English and management learning
  • Easy access to learning materials provides flexibility
  • Social club immerses students in activities that boost learning
  • Entry requirements ensure students are up to par

Taken from Career Times 5 March 2010, A11

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