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Epitome of professionalism

by Nicolette Wong

Continuous learning is indispensible, says June Hui (right), Vice President and Relationship Manager, Private Banking Department, Hang Seng Bank Limited
Continuous learning is indispensible, says June Hui (right), Vice President and Relationship Manager, Private Banking Department, Hang Seng Bank Limited
Photo: Wallace Chan
Dedicated private banker wins grand gong

With a clear mind-set to navigate the challenging financial market, Hong Kong's private bankers boast the right blend of professional skills and knowledge towards achieving new levels of excellence.

To June Hui, Vice President and Relationship Manager, Private Banking Department, Hang Seng Bank Limited, career success in the highly competitive banking and finance industry is grounded in her dedication to customer service.

With 10 years of experience in serving high net worth banking clients, Ms Hui understands that hard work and dedication always pay dividends. Her professional merits were acknowledged this year with a Grand Award (Group C) in The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards.

Ms Hui feels that the award marks a milestone in her career and that she was recognised for her all-round expertise. Her experience in building trusting relations with her clients has been particularly instrumental in helping her to outperform her professional counterparts, she says.

"I believe I also have a good grasp of how different clients perceive their financial needs, objectives and goals. This provides me a good solid foundation to formulate solutions which truly meet their priorities," she explains. "Over the years I've also acquired extensive knowledge in various areas from investment to insurance and estate planning."

Winners' attributes

Good preparation is always key to high performance. Ms Hui's triumph in the HKIB Awards demonstrated the importance of this. She concedes that she had spent considerable time and effort in improving her presentation skills, with help from her colleagues and the bank's trainers.

"My performance in the final-round Q&A session was particularly outstanding," she recalls. "I was able to convince the judging panel that I had what it takes to address my clients' wealth management needs."

Ms Hui notes that participating in the HKIB Awards was a wonderful learning experience. Her success in the Awards now motivates her colleagues to take part in the event next year. "The prestigious Grand Award proves that the hard work we deliver in our jobs is worthwhile," she notes.

Despite the increased awareness of wealth management in Hong Kong society, Ms Hui emphasises that professionals in the field must not rest on their laurels. "We should seek every possible avenue to sharpen our market sensitivity and improve our professional credential since many high net worth clients look for sophistication in our service. Continuous learning is also indispensible."

From stimulus to growth

The bank provides ample support in preparing its financial planners for the HKIB Awards every year
Alan Luk, Head of Private Banking and Trust Services
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Photo: Edde Ngan

Alan Luk, Head of Private Banking and Trust Services, Hang Seng Bank Limited, states that the bank provides ample support in preparing its financial planners for the HKIB Awards every year.

"For instance, we help them to analyse the various aspects such as risk management within the context of the hypothetical case for final assessment," he says. "We also step up presentation and communication training in order to give our people the best chance of not only winning in the Awards but also for getting ahead in their professional life."

Mr Luk points out that professional communication with a personal touch is essential to serving and building a healthy relationship with high net worth clients. He reveals that the bank earmarks substantial resources in training up fresh financial planners while sharpening the skills for its experienced staff.

"We do not measure our staff's performance only by sales figures, but also by the efforts that they make in getting themselves up to speed with the market trends and requirements, for example, by joining training seminars and other learning and development programmes, and obtaining professional qualifications," he adds.

China's robust economic growth is fuelling demand for wealth management services from comparatively more experienced Hong Kong banking and financial institutions. The high-profile annual HKIB Awards underscore the city's standing as an international financial hub and serve as a stimulus to the industry's development, adds Mr Luk.

In his experience, clients from across the Chinese border typically look for international expertise and superior services in their financial planners in Hong Kong, who will need to adjust their approach to customer relationship management in a continuous manner in order to meet this high expectation.

"Our mainland clientele hail from various professional backgrounds and business sectors. They have different investment aspirations and priorities from our local customers," Mr Luk says. "It's therefore a responsibility of our financial planners to equip with the right skills to make sure that these customers will continue to pursue wealth management opportunities with banking institutions in Hong Kong."

Star qualities

  • A clear mind-set to navigate challenge
  • Dedication to customer service
  • Good preparation
  • Continuous learning indispensible

Taken from Career Times 2 December 2011, A13

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