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Charles Mak

This is the first of a fortnightly series of articles focusing on the banking and financial industries

To achieve higher customer satisfaction, Standard Chartered Bank has revolutionised the concept of customer service with the pioneering Customer Experience Management model.

Mary Huen, head of customer experience management, Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong says: "This new framework, restructured from the bank's previous Service Quality operations, is deeper and broader."

The Customer Experience Management framework looks deep into the entire organisation because as Ms Huen has found out, customer complaints are generated not about frontline staff but the processing of products. "Each product and service goes through various departments. Communication and co-operation between departments and their understanding about customer service actually affects frontline staff as well as the customer. We have a process re-engineering team which looks at the back office operations with a view to restructuring and refining internal co-operation. This makes sure frontline staff understand the processing of particular products in order to answer customers' questions."

Apart from providing traditional mechanical services, Ms Huen stresses that the objective of the endeavour is to have staff provide customers with what the bank refers to as "service at heart". She adds: "Being nice and courteous is not enough. We want to be helpful. And that is the essence of customer service which impresses customers and makes us stand out in the retail banking industry."

Ms Huen says Customer Experience Management starts early during the recruitment process and is implemented and reinforced in progressive stages. "First of all, we hope to recruit people who are customer service oriented. We consider this an important personal trait during the selection process besides skills and knowledge. Then, we place great emphasis on customer service in our company orientation and training programmes. Through management communications we again reinforce our concepts, which is why we have such a good role model. Good customer service starts from the management."

Taken from Career Times 20 August 2004, p. 2
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