Money Moves

Financial future bright and bountiful

by Mayse Lam

Quincy Wong, chief executive officer
Convoy Financial Services Limited
Photo: Wallace Chan

Although discussion about the financial industry is heating up in the belief that growth in Hong Kong may have peaked, professionals in the field are confident that there is tremendous room for further expansion. Quincy Wong, chief executive officer of Convoy Financial Services Limited, sees opportunities still emerging in the market. "On a macro scale, as an internationally renowned financial centre, Hong Kong's primary business focus will continue to be monetary in the coming years. Regarding individuals, the need for financial planning has burgeoned in Hong Kong as more individuals take responsibility for their own health and medical schemes creating a greater demand for more sophisticated financial planning and wealth management services," says Mr Wong.

Traditionally, Convoy's core focus was on professional insurance consulting and client financial protection. "As the demand for more creative and innovative financial products arose, our company established a comprehensive, flexible range of services to suit the needs of our clients. For example, besides offering financial planning and personal financing services, we also provide trust services, portfolio assessments, offshore financial arrangements, retirement services and risk management services for our customers. However, of late, it is wealth management services which have become the latest industry trend," explains Mr Wong.

With the recent grand opening of Convoy's inaugural wealth management centre, Mr Wong predicts enhanced company competitiveness. "Although many independent financial advisories (IFAs) provide wealth management services, we were among the very first to launch an actual centre to service our customers. We hope that the new centre will offer added convenience to our customers and at the same time further develop our business," adds Mr Wong.

To complement corporate expansion Convoy has recruited a diversified team of talent. "In our business, human assets are our most valuable resources. We welcome all graduates with a passion for the financial industry. Most importantly though, they must demonstrate a positive learning attitude because in this particular field, success demands a lengthy period of time and tremendous effort," Mr Wong says. "While en route to success, we endeavour to equip our professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to perform their jobs as professionally as possible. In this regard, all our members undergo a six-month training programme to acquire the requisite knowledge and soft skills to facilitate their future development in the industry."

Mr Wong foresees various chances emerging in the financial industry in terms of business opportunities and also professional choices. "Compared with many other countries, Hong Kong will continue to retain its comparative advantage and sustain its position," concludes Mr Wong.

Taken from Career Times 07 December 2007, p. A18
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