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by Christina Tai

Vicky Wong, executive director, human resources and administration, corporate communication, Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited
Photo: Ringo Lee

Professionals in today's financial markets are finding plenty of opportunities and faced with information unprecedented challenges. Gaining firsthand information on global economic developments is of primary importance in maintaining a competitive edge.

In the ever-changing global economic climate, a successful investment consultant needs to be more than an information or service provider. They are expected to offer personalised investment advice and maintain close communication with clients. To excel in this profession, thorough knowledge of existing and new products is always essential.

"Apart from receiving the latest news on the current economic, market situations and technological developments, clients are encouraged to critically compare, analyse and evaluate investment products, tools and strategies," says Vicky Wong, executive director, human resources and administration, corporate communication, Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited.

At Tanrich, these activities are supported by an experienced research team that actively monitors the global financial markets. Such systematic analyses add value to clients' investment portfolios, and are a key confidence builder for clients.

The company seeks to distinguish itself from the competition by fostering a culture strong in team spirit, where team leaders and peers are the best source of advice, inspiration and encouragement. Team leaders monitor the learning curves of individual members to optimise potential strengths and professional development. "Teamwork is an effective booster of staff morale," Ms Wong stresses. "It also maximises leadership potential and outstanding interpersonal skills while nurturing business acumen."

The required licences allow incumbents to become professional practitioners. Degree holders majoring in economics, finance, business, commerce and Law have the advantage of obtaining the necessary licenses more easily. Engineering and science graduates, meanwhile, can catch up by taking qualifying exams after undergoing intensive and centralised training will also be provided.

Aspiring individuals who show strong commitment, diligence, optimism and perseverance, stand a good chance of career escalation, while attaining job satisfaction and monetary rewards along the way.

Tanrich sees infinite business opportunities developing through its extensive network in the mainland, and the competitive edge it maintains in Hong Kong. "Hong Kong's social development has always been aligned with the development of the financial markets," Ms Wong notes. "Finance is a major component of a knowledge economy. Therefore, a career in finance can be a long and fruitful one."

Taken from Career Times 07 July 2006, p. A11
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