Money Moves

Greater convenience for banking clients

by Christina Tai

Carmen Yip (left), senior vice president and head of retail distribution network; Shera Lee, senior vice president and head of consumer banking, Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Photo: Johnson Poon

From September 7 onwards, all of Fubon Bank's branches and Ambassador Centres will extend their business hours to stay open until 8pm every Thursday. This "night banking" service is intended to provide customers with greater flexibility and convenience. It will allow them to transact business and discuss their banking needs after normal office hours, says Carmen Yip, senior vice president and head of retail banking distribution.

The initiative is all part of a concerted effort to offer one-stop financial services built around tailor-made structured investment products.

According to Shera Lee, senior vice president and head of consumer banking, this type of flexibility defines the bank's wealth management services which are based on knowing the precise needs of every customer.

In that way, portfolio management and diversification can be discussed in line with each client's individual acceptance of risk and requirements for wealth preservation.

As a caring employer, Fubon implemented a five-day work week in May, while maintaining Saturday opening hours from 9am to 12:30pm.

A recent two-day strategy meeting also reviewed suggestions from all departments and levels of seniority about further improvements. "This kind of open communication has always been a key part of the bank's culture," says Ms Yip.

The thinking behind this approach is that staff whose contribution is valued will have higher morale and perform better in their day-to-day dealings with customers.

This, in turn, will lead to more referrals and recommendations, making it possible to expand the customer network more effectively.

Core Values

  • Customer-centric — customer satisfaction is essential for profitability, so convenience, value, efficiency and courtesy are priorities in every interaction with customers
  • Professionalism — staff must have the latest product and market knowledge to provide timely and accurate advice and seamless execution of transactions
  • Innovation — going beyond conventional limitations and venturing into new areas with a commitment to exceeding customer expectations
  • Teamwork — a strong spirit among colleagues helps them to remain aware of the ever-increasing complexity of markets and the competition and to pull together to achieve the banks goals
  • People — the recruitment, training, retention and promotion of professional staff are the key to outstanding performance, for which employees should be acknowledged and respected

Taken from Career Times 01 September 2006, p. A2
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