Healthy reflection

by Isabella Lee

Ricky Yu, general manager
Amway Hong Kong Limited
Photo: Edde Ngan

Direct selling company earns customer satisfaction via quality products

Sales of healthcare products have grown tremendously lately, as ever larger numbers of savvy consumers seek to maintain optimal health by combating environmental pollution and the stress of modern living.

One company committed to distributing the most innovative, safe and effective products is Amway Hong Kong.

While many wholesome products are displayed on the shelves of retail outlets, pharmacy counters and chain stores, the world's leading nutritional supplement brand is sold by people to people through Amway, whose track record is solid when it comes to direct sales.

"Amway's principal marketing strategy is to provide a magnitude of top quality and reasonably priced products that meet proven customer needs," says Ricky Yu, general manager, Amway Hong Kong Limited.

Well-known for effective household cleaning products when it first established its direct selling business, Amway has extended its product portfolio to hundreds of brands which are growing in line with the company. The exclusive products, generally falling into health and beauty categories, range from cosmetics to health food and from cookware to water treatment equipment. Every product is carefully selected to promote overall personal fitness.

Specialist teams

"Our one-on-one selling model requires the best quality products to give the competitive edge to both Amway and our distributor," Mr Yu notes. "When you use something exceptional, you will tell your family and friends. People never recommend a low standard product or service because it will jeopardise a relationship."

Amway owns and manages their own Nutrilite farms of more than 6,400 acres located around the world to ensure quality, consistency and safety of the raw materials before making them into end products. One of Amway's major brands, Nutrilite, is the only global multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements company to grow, harvest and process plants on their own organic farms. Every farming step such as selecting a seed and building the soil adheres to a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural philosophy, so crops produce the best ingredients for Nutrilite products.

Nutrilite plants are treated with unique processing techniques and advanced equipment to capture nature's valuable nutrients from them. A team of quality-assurance specialists monitor the standards of botanical materials yielded to ensure they meet precise specifications, for example, weight, size and potency.

In a similarly professional way to the natural farming practice, Nutrilite manufacturing quality is maintained by its state-of-the-art facilities and the outstanding diligence of Nutrilite staff. Plant extracts are concentrated, tested, measured, blended, compressed and transformed into tablets harnessing the latest technologies.

"Besides adopting exceptionally large vertical integration to improve the quality of our products, we invest heavily in product research and development. In our own laboratories, Amway scientists are committed to creating innovative products for domestic use, like the eSpring water purifier," Mr Yu says.

The eSpring water purifier is the only in-home system combining ultraviolet light (UV) technology and an activated carbon filter in a device which traps contaminants in its patented carbon block while destroying micro organisms with UV rays.

"We were the first to apply UV technology in our household water purifying systems, which are compactly designed to fit in typical Hong Kong homes. The system also comes with a smart chip to track the UV lamp and filter life. An audio-visual indication clearly signals when the filter needs to be replaced," Mr Yu explains.

Better lives

"At Amway, we share a common vision and mission and our aim remains to help people live better lives. Using our expertise we can offer creative products to consumers. In addition, we help our distributors build strong business links through our reputable brand name. People with a win-win mentality will find they are a great match to the opportunities we provide," Mr Yu advises.

Since the true value of Amway's products needs thorough explanation, the marketing team organise training activities, such as seminars, conferences, laboratory tours and farm visits for distributors to enhance their product knowledge.

"Apart from marketing skills, ideal candidates should possess the mental capability to seize the abundance of opportunities available at Amway," Mr Yu concludes.


Taken from Career Times 16 May 2008, p. C2
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