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Helping employees to stretch abilities in new business environment

Charles Mak

This is the first of a fortnightly series of articles focusing on the banking and financial industries

Through mutual respect, shared trust and equal opportunities financial services company, Convoy strives to empower each of its employees to stretch their abilities to the fullest in order to build an energetic and creative team.

According to Quincy Wong, chief executive officer of Convoy Financial Services Limited, a high level of transparency is the most obvious characteristic of his company.

"Everybody here has a clear vision of the company's policies, direction and structure. They know about the company and each other. That is where trust and respect are built."

He stresses that openness and egalitarianism are the strengths behind the workforce.

"We do not believe in hierarchy or so-called office politics. Everyone who joins this company starts from the bottom and works their way up the ladder. It would be difficult to distinguish one level of our staff from another because every one of us is considered equal.

"That is why we are not afraid to voice our opinions and ideas. And through this we can speed up the decision-making process, which in turn considerably increases our efficiency, confidence and job satisfaction."

Professional qualifications definitely enhance personal capabilities but opportunities for promotion in Convoy are solely performance-driven. Mr Wong also believes the advantage of Convoy's culture is that one will be able to deal with things in a more open-minded manner.

"This can be an advantage to our customers because our consultants are able to offer more diverse financial advice while not favouring certain products and services."

As a young and fast-growing company that has landed itself a leading position in the newly developed financial planning industry, Convoy will continue its mission to nurture its staff and further the company's culture. "We aim to recruit energetic people who are willing to accept fresh ideas and concepts in this new business environment," says Mr Wong.

Taken from Career Times 20 August 2004, p. 2
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