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by Nicolette Wong

HKUST Business School - boosts corporate innovation and growth
Roger Chen, adjunct professor
department of management
HKUST Business School
Photo: Courtesy of HKUST Business School
New business course equips corporate managers to grab development opportunities

Increasing globalisation is forcing corporations to rethink their operations—from considering their core business models and marketing channels to their management of human resources. Since creative solutions are vital to ensuring cost efficiency and long-term survival, companies are always looking at practical ways to improve their systems.

Addressing these issues, the HKUST Business School Executive Education Office is launching a Corporate Innovation and Growth Programme, to help businesses sharpen their competitive edge and take advantage of new opportunities.

"Many companies are daunted by the prospect of managing innovation and developing new business, as this requires them to redefine many aspects of their existing, complex systems and competencies," explains Roger Chen, adjunct professor, department of management, HKUST Business School.

"Our programme provides cutting-edge insight into the ways that leading global corporations manage innovation and growth, as well as best practices, and assists participants to adapt these models and tools practically," he adds.

The course is designed to cater for aspiring entrepreneurs, senior executives and managers whose roles require them to facilitate company growth, new business development and other innovation strategies, campaigns and activities.

Since it incorporates an international perspective, the curriculum can greatly benefit candidates that need to collaborate with overseas business partners or wish to expand their companies in such a direction. It also offers new perspectives to managers working locally.

Sound foundation

The programme provides a solid theoretical framework, looking at various organisational models and management systems, effective ways to generate new ideas, funding schemes and commercialisation, and the evolution of new business projects. Participants also get to examine key strategies, such as growth principles, areas for development and leveraging internal and external assets.

In terms of corporate growth, the course stresses ways for organisations to manage innovation and growth through holistic eco-management systems, such as strategic choices, management system and innovation centres, rather than isolated or short-term efforts. "There are always hidden assets that companies can utilise by revamping their management disciplines and organisational processes at multiple levels, and we give participants the hands-on knowledge and tools to design and manage this ongoing process," says Professor Chen.

Academic theory is balanced by a practical aspect, allowing the students to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained to their businesses. In addition to the required course reading matter, the focus is on interactive learning through case studies and classroom discussions.

"It's important for senior executives to start off from a solid, theoretical understanding of the issues involved when they apply their knowledge to practical business situations, as this helps them to consider things from a different perspective. A synergy between book knowledge and practical execution is vital to getting ahead in today's competitive environment," Professor Chen stresses.

To facilitate interaction, intensive group discussions and sharing, class sizes are restricted to around 30. Most participants are senior executives, with varying job functions and from a wide range of industries, and including candidates from overseas.

The diverse study body helps class members to gain a broader insight into various practices and also facilitates networking, which can further benefit those seeking new partnerships and business channels.

Taken from Career Times 16 March 2012, A6
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