How to engage your interviewer?

Now that you've made it to the interview, your first order of business is to gain your interviewer's interest. To engage your interviewer's attention:

1/ Be a good storyteller – prepare the when, what, who, where, how, and why

2/ Use humour – but don't let it get out of hand

3/ Refrain from fidgeting – contribute to a relaxed ambience

4/ Give off a positive vibe – smile, nod and look straight into your interviewer's eyes

5/ Create synergy – invite questions and encourage feedback

6/ Stand firm in your beliefs – demonstrate your ability to influence, challenge and motivate others

And before you leave the interview room, thank them nicely, and perhaps ask for a copy of their name cards. One thing though – don't overdo the personal touch. If you sense hesitation or reluctance, it's best to keep a distance.

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