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Illuminated land of luxury

by Isabella Lee

Ambrose Cheung
co-chief executive officer
Macao Studio City
Photos: Courtesy of Macao Studio City

New attraction expected to shine with all-encompassing interactive elements

In the first eight months of 2007 alone, 17.2 million visitors graced the shores of the economic boomtown Macau. Growth prospects abound as the city continues to develop as Mecca for international leisure and gaming seekers alike.

"There should be other non-gaming options," Ambrose Cheung, co-chief executive officer of Macao Studio City remarks. "In fact, we have been eyeing Macau's potential as more than just a gaming destination since 2001. Our belief is that, similar to Las Vegas, diversification is the key to Macau's long-term success and growth." Macao Studio City is a resort that brings together first-rate brands all under one roof. It offers customers live performances, luxury shopping, gaming, fine dining, world-class hospitality — an array of entertainment choices that visitors to Macau have come to expect.

"We're looking at the possibility of having up to 70,000 people walk through our doors every day," Mr Cheung forecasts. "The rising number of female guests in Macau will also boost retail spending and average sojourn length in the territory."

Unique concept

Being literally "where Cotai begins", Macao Studio City is located north of the new Lotus Bridge immigration checkpoint, an ideal spot for visitors to experience the exciting new developments in Macau.

The entertainment theme permeates the entire complex including the shopping centre based on a unique "studio retail" concept. As visitors browse in the mall, they can simultaneously enjoy all sorts of live entertainment.

Unlike other projects around Cotai, Macao Studio City integrates expertise from various industry leaders. Represented is Taubman, one of the top luxury destination retail developers in the world. Meanwhile, eSun boasts an extensive roster of Asia's leading stars and Playboy Enterprises is the world-renowned entertainment giant.

Asian style icon David Tang, founder of Shanghai Tang and the China Clubs, is creating his first hotel project with Macao Studio City which has also established partnerships with Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton and W Hotels.

As for gambling facilities, Melco PBL, a leading developer, owner and operator experienced in providing casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Macau, is the gaming arm of the project.

"Our aim is to create an environment representing true escapism from everyday life for our visitors. From the moment of arrival, everything visitors do will make them feel glamorous. Even shopping will feel celestial as guests will be invited to take part in shows or chat with production crews or celebrities. Every experience in our complex will be unique leaving our visitors feeling pampered, stimulating their desire to return again and again," Mr Cheung explains. "

Employer of choice

Planned for 2009, Macao Studio City expects to hire more than 9,000 staff. Some high-level management positions will be offered to expatriates but the bulk of staff will hail from Macau, Hong Kong and the mainland.

Professionals from various fields, including retail, sales and marketing, entertainment, project management, engineering and architecture and human resources are needed.

"We are offering packages which stretch beyond highly competitive financial incentives because we want to attract and retain the most talented executives in Macau, Hong Kong and beyond. For example, there will be learning opportunities at all levels because we believe that by investing in our staff, they will feel motivated to stay and grow with us," Mr Cheung points out.

The training programmes will feature at educational institutions in Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland. The universities will oversee programme development and administration but the actual content will only be made available to Macao Studio City employees. To ensure diversity, participation in a wide range of disciplines from human resources, gaming and retail to marketing, sales and entertainment will be encouraged.

"While Macau is growing rapidly and transforming into an international tourist destination, jobseekers in Macau must be ready to embrace not only employment opportunities but also the challenges associated with such a dynamic environment," Mr Cheung advises, adding that candidates must consider beyond monetary rewards when looking for a job. They should seek employers who have the clarity of vision and a sound corporate plan. Commitment to the long-term growth of Macau is also an essential pre-requisite if a company plans to offer its staff opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.

Potential candidates can expect an exciting and fulfilling career with Macao Studio City. "We benefit from the wisdom of several industry veterans who have decades of experience in areas such as gaming, marketing, hotels, retail, as well as in building and running a successful company. Anyone who joins us would have access to this wealth of invaluable experience and have the chance to join a company which will add a great deal to Macau's future growth," Mr Cheung concludes.


Taken from Career Times 12 October 2007
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