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In for the future

by Wendy Shair

Hang Seng Bank - group A finalist of HKIB Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards
Chloe Poon
Personal Banking Service Manager
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Photo: Louis Lam
Changes in the global financial market creates ample opportunity for wealth management professionals to advance their careers in the sector.

Chloe Poon is one who took advantage of this. Currently a Personal Banking Service Manager of Hang Seng Bank Limited, Ms Poon is confident of her career choice. "I've always been interested in the banking industry and I'm looking to build a fruitful career in the personal banking sector," she says.

According to Ms Poon, a wealth management professional must be equipped with sound financial knowledge in addition to a customer-oriented mind-set. "Aside from technical skills, good listening and interpersonal techniques are also important," she remarks. "Mutual trust is the backbone of a healthy and constructive client relationship."

She adds that the ability to inspire trust in the customers is a prerequisite to a rewarding banking career. "Successful professionals in the field understand their customers and take into consideration a wide range of important information such as the customers' risk tolerance, financial needs, wealth management preferences and financial goals on an on-going basis," Ms Poon says, adding that teamwork drives better results and creates added-value to customer relations.

New insights

One of the three group A finalists in this year's Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards, Ms Poon was appreciative of the opportunity to demonstrate her professional acumen and presentation skills during the rigorous assessment process.

She attributes her outstanding performance in the HKIB Awards to the excellent training formulated and offered by the bank's dedicated training team as well as the generous support from many of her more experienced colleagues across various related functions within the bank. "The training schedule included programmes for core skills like effective writing and presentation," she recalls. "The training essentially gave me new perspectives on wealth management. It has helped me tremendously with the Awards and stands me in good stead at work."

Participating in the HKIB Awards has given Ms Poon a good chance to reassess her competence and confirm her career aspirations. "I also gained a better understanding of my current role and realised that the best thing about being on the frontline is that I am learning more about myself every day from the interaction with my customers," she says. "I'm certain that this self-awareness will prompt me to reassess and reflect on my skills, knowledge and behaviour continuously."

With a fresh understanding of the wealth management industry and new insights into the complexity of customer behaviour, Ms Poon is ready for future challenges.

"One of my goals is to further increase my knowledge of banking operations in Hong Kong. I am still in the learning process and I look to build and diversify my professional acumen in order to be able to better serve the wealth management needs of the bank's clients," she says. "I believe that self-confidence is the key to service excellence and career success."

Taken from Career Times 11 November 2011, A8
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