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Insurance services for the transport sector

by Wing Kei

Simon Chan, director, Sun Mobility Insurance and Claims Services Limited
Photo: Ringo Lee

When companies are transporting goods all around the world, they must be prepared for things to go wrong occasionally. Delays or damage will occur, but the effects can be minimised by taking expert advice and having suitable insurance cover in place.

"Our main role is to bridge between the insured and insurers making use of our transport experience and insurance skill sets," says Simon Chan, director of Sun Mobility Insurance and Claims Services Limited. "We are a niche player in the market and, given our expertise, believe we can offer just the kind of services that clients need."

This includes providing both logistics and insurance solutions in the Greater China market. In this, the company deals with cargo moving by sea, air, road and rail. Currently, there are plans to expand both the sales and support team, which depend partly on being able to recruit staff with the necessary talents.

"Good customer relationship management is the key to sustaining our business," says Mr Chan. "Our team require specialised knowledge because they must provide expert advice about the industry. Therefore, we arrange a lot of coaching and support." He adds that Sun Mobility's priority is to maintain a respected reputation and focus on long-term objectives.

New recruits for sales roles are normally found by referrals and, similarly, the company often hears about new business opportunities through word of mouth.

"People interested in entering the industry must be ready to learn about all the legal and insurance aspects, which takes time," Mr Chan says. "However, once you have mastered everything, it's possible to get huge job satisfaction from advising customers."

Previous experience is a big advantage, but the most important thing is to have a genuine interest in the industry, to show initiative, and to have an eye for detail. Employees must keep abreast of market changes and always be on the lookout for ways to add value to the company's services. Good language and communication skills are also regarded as essential.

One corporate goal for the next five years is to explore business opportunities in mainland China. "It's not easy because there are different regulations and numerous procedures required to enter the market," Mr Chan says. "Nevertheless, we are confident about being able to replicate our Hong Kong success story in mainland China."

Taken from Career Times 21 April 2006, p. A2
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