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by Mayse Lam

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(left to right) Rex Au-yeung, senior vice president and chief executive — Asia, Principal International Inc
Robert Harding, chairman, Brookfield Asset Management Inc
David Johnston, president and vice chancellor
Thomas Coleman, dean, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Photo: Johnny Kwok

Quality learning is essential in today's highly competitive world. Students from outstanding universities enjoy a plethora of professional opportunities after graduation. One of the leading universities in Canada, the University of Waterloo is committed to providing top-notch education for students. For the past 50 years it has been especially dedicated to producing talented global leaders.

"Since 1957, our university has offered students more than just an education. I am proud of the institution's efforts in providing learners with rewarding experiences and opportunities useful for future success," says David Johnston, president and vice chancellor, University of Waterloo. The university's cooperative education programme is one of many channels available to students keen to acquire work experience while simultaneously broadening their global perspectives. "With our strong business networks around the globe, we are able to place our students internationally to enhance their soft skills in communication and critical analysis. They also profit from a comprehensive range of career opportunities in different cultures," Professor Johnston explains.

To further encourage cross-cultural understanding and expand international connections, the university has also brought the mathematics and computing outreach programme to China and Hong Kong. "The university's Faculty of Mathematics understands the mutually beneficial significance of introducing and sharing research and pedagogic methodology with experts from other parts of the world," explains Thomas Coleman, dean, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo.

"In the future, we are planning towards greater internationalism and aiming to enhance our profile in Asia. We are proactively cooperating with a great number of Asian universities, such as Nanjing University, where we will establish a Canadian college to deliver joint academic programmes to their students who will spend one to two years at our university while our students will have the chance to study in China, gaining a more comprehensive insight into the Chinese culture," adds Professor Johnston.

Robert Harding, campaign chair for the University of Waterloo and chairman of Brookfield Asset Management Inc says, "We will continue our outreach programmes and at the same time strive to recruit the best talent not only in Canada, but also from all over the world."

Rex Au-yeung, honorary chair of the China Hong Kong Fund of the University of Waterloo and senior vice president and chief executive — Asia, Principal International Inc notes, "The knowledge, skills and experience I've gained in the university have factored in the success of my career in the financial industry. A background that encourages cross-cultural interaction and communication enables me to interact readily with clients and colleagues from multicultural backgrounds. With the donations to the Hong Kong Alumni Trust for promising Hong Kong scholars and the university's dedication, more young talent will be equipped to lead Hong Kong towards both economic and social prosperity.

Taken from Career Times 21 December 2007
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