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Investment company offers 500 new employment opportunities

by Adam Philbin

John Andrew Nordmann
group operations director
Profitable Group
Photo: Courtesy of Profitable Group

Responsible companies now have the opportunity to capitalise on their solid positions. The shake-up of the economy has exposed companies with weak foundations, leaving those with the foresight to plan wisely and make sound investments a chance to reap the benefits.

One such company is Profitable Group, a strategic global investment company. Looking to expand its establishment, the company is currently initiating a recruitment drive to employ 500 sales associates.

This comes at a crucial time for the local employment market, when worries of unemployment are at the forefront of peoples' minds. The strong expansion of Profitable Group, however, demonstrates that there is still confidence in the local economy, and companies willing to grow their businesses may find that now is the ideal time to welcome new talent.

"Our recruitment drive is a way of saying we're going to give a lot more people the same opportunities," says John Andrew Nordmann, group operations director of Profitable Group.

Profitable Group's business was founded on property investment in the UK in the 1980s. Since then, the company has expanded into a range of strategic investment divisions. This includes less conventional investment opportunities such as paintings, cigars, software and sports. With this diverse range of investments, the company has solidified its reputation as a leading strategic global investment company.

Sales associates will have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of products. As a result, the company's varied portfolio will help them to enhance their experiences and build their careers.

"We have developed innovative business models which have provided steady and sustained growth for the group," Mr Nordmann adds.

Profitable Group makes it a point to focus on both the needs of its clients and its own human resources. This pride in its people-orientated business has led to the group being widely recognised as a premier investment provider.

"In recent times, people have realised that the so-called traditional business models don't work anymore," he remarks. "Our innovative business models provide very good growth for our clients. Not one client has ever lost money with us."

With offices in 10 countries, including Canada, Dubai and the UK, Profitable Group offers candidates a strong career path.

The company is looking for talented sales associates with a mature mindset, good organisational skills and a self-driven personality. Aspiring sales associates should have experience in the financial markets, insurance investments, property or other investment fields.

"We are always looking for opportunities that can provide higher returns on our clients' investments without having to increase their risk," reveals Mr Nordmann. It is this principle that has placed the company in such a prestige position in the global marketplace.

Prospects for profits

  • Innovative business models provide steady and sustainable growth
  • Mature mindset, good organisational skills and self-driven personality expected of sales associates
  • Diverse business portfolio enhances professional experiences and builds careers

Taken from Career Times 06 March 2009, p. A5
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