Leading the way to better management

by Nicolette Wong

HUST Executive Education - Leadership and management programme for senior executives
Della Wong (right)
associate director
executive education office;
Joseph Salvacruz (left)
professor of business practice
department of marketing
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School
Photo: Dickie Tam

For companies to thrive and grow, they need strong leaders. Bearing this in mind, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School offers a 10-day Leading for Success Consortium Programme for senior executives wanting to strengthen their leadership roles.

The programme covers leadership topics that are essential to all participants, such as people and strategic management, says Della Wong, associate director, executive education office, HKUST Business School. Participants also gain valuable insight and other industry-specific skills from their peers through group interaction, she adds.

"Participants from a manufacturing background might have certain people-management skills that are unique to their job roles, but that can also be useful to leaders in other fields, such as logistics and marketing," notes Joseph Salvacruz, professor of business practice, department of marketing, HKUST Business School.

The programme also helps senior business executives refresh their fundamental leadership skills. "Sometimes they may have been in top management positions for so long that they've overlooked the basics," points out Professor Salvacruz. "The course offers cutting-edge knowledge, practical exposure and interaction that reinforce these skills, as well as help leaders to prepare for the next level of success."

Increased efficiency

With an average of 18 years' working experience, participants are mostly established business leaders from a range of industries, including banking, real estate, manufacturing, human resources and social services. More than 70 per cent tend to be based in Hong Kong, but others fly in from elsewhere in Asia or even Australia.

The programme comprises of four two- to three-day compulsory modules totalling 10 days of intensive classes over four months. "This schedule allows participants time to reflect on the knowledge they gain from each module and to come up with questions for subsequent sessions," Professor Salvacruz explains.

The HKUST Business School faculty and renowned speakers oversee the classes, group discussions and other programme activities, which include lunchtime talks on special topics that are relevant to the participants. This type of interaction is key, since it creates a balance between classroom learning and practice.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the learning, the participants are encouraged to discuss their existing work challenges and concerns before the programme commences. The HKUST Business School takes these issues into consideration when fine-tuning the course content.

At the end of the programme, the university gathers extensive feedback from the participants. These are reviewed and used to adjust future content. "In addition to the programme evaluation, many of our past alumni continue to network with current participants. Their discussions also provide us with excellent feedback to modify the programme in order to meet executives' distinct needs," Ms Wong concludes.

Groomed to lead

  • Leading for Success programme covers essential management topics
  • Aim is to help top executives refresh their fundamental leadership skills and prepare for next level of success
  • Participants are mostly experienced business heads from a range of industries
  • Course includes talks on special topics, interactive exercises, group discussions and presentations

Taken from Career Times 11 May 2012, A6

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