Leading the way to professional excellence

by Judy Chan

Andrew Chan, director, executive MBA programme
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Photo: Courtesy of the CUHK
Setting the highest standards in developing industry high-flyers

As the economic landscape changes worldwide, professionals across the board are pulling out all stops to stay ahead of competition and even experienced business executives can benefit from enhancing their management skills and broadening their knowledge.

In view of this, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) offers a globally recognised executive MBA (EMBA) programme with an integrated and innovative curriculum aimed at equipping students with practical, career-focused skills.

The university's EMBA programme strives to combine Eastern and Western elements to create a contemporary business administration model. It aims at strengthening students' understanding of both traditional and modern aspects of conducting commerce in mainland China and the West.

Students are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge and insight, using a practical, creative approach to build the solid foundation they will need to meet the challenges posed by changing markets and corporate environments.

"The programme provides practical solutions that managers can execute in their organisations in order to increase revenues and business growth," notes Andrew Chan, executive MBA programme director, the CUHK.

Reap the rewards

In a bid to make the overall learning experience relevant to the current business climate and applicable to students at various strategic levels at work, the 2010-11 EMBA curriculum includes elective courses on business law, mainland China business and innovation and entrepreneurship.

"The programme design aims to boost the professional and personal development of our EMBA students in Hong Kong and across the region," Professor Chan adds.

The objective is to prepare students for management responsibilities at a top level. Students, most of whom are senior managers with more than 10 years' work experience, are selected on the grounds of their outstanding skills and potential to rise to chief executive positions. "They regard the programme as key to their career advancement," Professor Chan observes.

Postgraduate studies not only provide an academic boost but also create opportunities for ideas exchange with peers. The CUHK EMBA programme has been running forums, conferences and seminars to foster interaction between its students, alumni and business leaders since its launch in 1993. The recently launched EMBA Insights forum, for instance, is another effective channel for current and former students and industry experts to share their views on current issues.

In spite of the global economic crisis, graduates of the programme have seen their wages jump by an average of 64 per cent and their salary ranks fifth highest worldwide. The university's alumni have also performed remarkably well in terms of work experience and other achievements, according to the recent global EMBA ranking conducted by the authoritative London-based Financial Times.

Regional force

Striving to encourage academic excellence and intellectual maturity, the university dedicates substantial effort and resources to the EMBA programme, concentrating on three key areas—ensuring that students are able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice; incorporating both modern and traditional Chinese and Western management principles; and expanding the EMBA network through its alumni, including master of business administration (MBA) and bachelor of business administration (BBA) graduates.

The programme was listed 19th on the Financial Times publication's 2009 list of the world's top EMBA programmes. It has been considered a top-20 programme since the newspaper first introduced global EMBA rankings in 2001.

"We're thrilled to be regarded as a pioneer of EMBA programmes in Hong Kong, and our supportive management, staff, outstanding faculty and high-calibre students, all of whom have contributed to the programme's success, richly deserve the recognition. It's also a source of pride to Hong Kong," says Professor Chan.

Among independent programmes, the CUHK's EMBA programme was ranked first in China and was named number one in the Asia-Pacific region from 2003 to 2008. It is one of only two top-20 EMBA programmes to offer bilingual teaching.

The programme was also recently ranked highest in the Asia-Pacific region by prestigious US-based BusinessWeek magazine. Previous achievements also include The Best EMBA Educational Organization Award from SmartFortune, a leading Asia-Pacific magazine focusing on human resources issues, in 2004.

"The rankings and rewards are encouraging and motivating. Our dedication to the highest standards of educational excellence in developing top business professionals for Hong Kong, mainland China and the region is second to none," Professor Chan concludes.

Top honour

  • Recognised EMBA programme offers an integrated and innovative curriculum
  • Eastern and Western elements combined in a traditional and modern business administration model
  • Courses cover business law, mainland China business and innovation and entrepreneurship
  • High rankings on various authoritative publication lists of top global and regional EMBA programmes

Taken from Career Times 15 January 2010, A12

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