Leverage your resources

If you are in career transition or searching for a job, one of your greatest career assets is your pool of resources, writes Cecilia Yeung

Whether you are aware of it or not, you will have spent many years investing in your resources. Composed of your internal strengths and your external environment, these incredible assets not only provide you with the opportunities you seek, but could very well be the key to achieving your goals.

Your innate strengths and talents
We all have innate strengths and talents that we become more conscious of as adults. Some of us are more analytical, while others are more creative or people-oriented. Once we are aware of and celebrate these qualities, we can leverage them to attract more opportunities into our lives.

Simply magnify your talents and strengths in your daily work. Continue to magnify them when you contribute to others - community services, friends, colleagues and associates - and when you invest in and develop yourself.

Your vision and passion
There are people you know or admire from afar who live with very clear ideals, vision and passion. This is such a magnetic quality, which attracts incredible results. By being clear about your passion and living in alignment with your personal vision, you radiate a charismatic energy that is irresistible.

If you are unclear about your vision, make sure you invest some time into defining what it is - as well as your goals and passion. Your passion is what you really love to do and what energises and motivates you.

Your contacts
Contacts are one of your most valuable assets and can assist you in your job search. Sit down and take an inventory of your personal network and you will be amazed at how vast it is. Think of all the people you have come into contact with during your career - from suppliers and clients to colleagues and supervisors.

Ex-employers are ideal contacts for referrals and introductions, as they have a direct understanding of what you have to offer and can give the most convincing endorsements. Another extensive pool of contacts is your social and personal network. The social organisations and associations you are involved in offer exponential contacts.

Your hobbies and interests
Many people engage in personal interests and hobbies in their spare time, but are unaware of the value of the contacts and opportunities these activities may bring. If you are not currently investing time in this particular resource, start looking out for an outlet to expand your interests. The learning you will gain is a bonus, compared to the valuable contacts you will make. People attracted to a similar interest share a similar outlook and values; this helps build instant rapport and cultivate relationships.

Enough has been said about the value of relationships, especially during a job search. According to many recruiters and career coaches, the most effective way to secure the job of your choice is through personal relationships.

Concurrently investing in internal and external resources creates the momentum to strengthen you and attract relationships and opportunities. Make a point of investing in and nurturing your resources on a daily basis, so that you can reap the results. Start today by planning your weekly schedule and checking which activities you are engaging in!

Cecilia Yeung, managing director of SpringBoard Resources, is a motivational speaker and business/career skills trainer with the mission to inspire others to live the best life possible. SpringBoard offers unique motivational seminars and workshops as well as development products and coaching services.font>

Taken from Career Times 10 October 2003
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