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By Charles Mak

Manulife's Michael Huddart and Michael Chan see the Expo as a way to attract recruits and explain their industry.

A career in the world of insurance has everything going for it

This is the time of year when many young people are about to leave school or university and are looking for the best way to take their first steps on the path to a successful career. It is at a time like this that people's talents, special skills and, indeed, their competitiveness come under the spotlight and are really put to the test. If you believe you have the right qualities and are keen to pursue a career in which you can keep moving up, the excitement of the insurance industry may just be the right choice for you.

Through the various ups and downs of the economy, the insurance industry has remained strong and stable and continues to be an attractive option for job seekers. To reflect this and in view of the growing demand for professional talent, Manulife (International) Limited is holding a large-scale recruitment fair and company exhibition, Manulife Expo, where more than 500 job openings will be on offer.

Michael Chan, vice president, distribution, Hong Kong, Manulife (International) points out that, "Double-digit growth has been recorded over the past few years in the insurance industry and it will very much be the same for the years to come. As the economy continues to show promising signs of recovery, the proliferation of services and products that we provide requires more professional talent to further strengthen the company's capability."

In addition to various profile recruitment programmes, job opportunities in fields such as actuarial services, customer services and marketing will also be presented at the Expo. Michael Huddart, senior vice president and general manager, Hong Kong, Manulife (International) Limited says, "The Hong Kong market has rebounded. We are optimistic that the job market is not going to get any tougher. We are now talking a lot about how to bring new people in and how to deal with them once they work with us. The Expo is an excellent chance to show people the real benefits of working in this industry and we are very excited about it."

Besides recruitment, the Manulife Expo will include seminars on career development, financial planning, Hong Kong's economic recovery and childhood mental development. There will also be exhibition booths that explain important issues including support programmes and ongoing management training for Manulife's staff. As Mr Huddart says, "We put a lot of emphasis on management training, providing our staff with all the right tools. We make sure that they go through the various levels of training to acquire the necessary skills to have a long and very successful career because this is a lifetime career choice."

Mr Chan further explains that the Manulife Expo provides more than a great opportunity for new recruits to better understand the industry and their career options. It also offers an excellent chance for the company to showcase its diverse business capabilities, its wide range of premium services and products, the use of advanced technology in the industry and the support it gives to staff and customers. Mr Huddart adds, "One objective of the Expo is to recruit new talent but we also want to show people that the insurance industry has evolved into a modern financial services industry and explain to them the many types of business we can do."

"There is so much experience that can be shared, that is the advantage of being in a big company," Mr Huddart remarks. "This is a job that gives you great satisfaction and substantial income and, at the same time, a long-term career."

Taken from Career Times 18 June 2004
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