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by Sophie Leung

Edwin Yung, chief commercial officer
Fortis Insurance Company (Asia) Limited
Photo: Lewis Wong

Recruiting top-notch individuals has always been one of the most challenging tasks for customer-focused companies who rely on quality professionals to uphold their hard-earned business reputation, says Edwin Yung, chief commercial officer, Fortis Insurance Company (Asia) Limited (FICA), a leading financial conglomerate with around 3,000 insurance consultants.

Professionalism and customer satisfaction have always been the key elements in FICA's vision for a world-class agency force. "Our business philosophy encompasses three Qs which stand for quality people, quality service and quality products," Mr Yung says.

"Insurance is a long-term commitment to our clients, and their needs change at different stages of their lives. Quality people will always be a cornerstone of our business because they understand our clients' needs and match them seamlessly with quality products and superior after-sales services."

Recruiting the right candidates is the essential first step. "We look for people who demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of their previous occupations. They are expected to possess a strong drive to succeed, a winning mindset and a track record of success in different areas in their lives," he says. "Networking skills are a strong advantage too because our business is all about people."

To locate the best talent in town, the company carries out regular recruitment events, handpicking the best and brightest recruits through aptitude tests, panel interviews and mock-up project assignments.

To recruit and retain such people, FICA offers several attractive incentive schemes that reward consistent and high-calibre performance. For instance, its "Ying Fai" recruitment package offers financial allowances to new recruits with no prior insurance sales experience over an 18-month period, whereas more-experienced consultants who achieve specific career targets are rewarded with overseas trips.

"In addition, we provide our people with wide-ranging and systematic training. This gives them ample opportunities to develop their winning habits and achieve professional and personal goals," says Mr Yung. For example, consultants can choose to enrol in courses organised by the Fortis Financial Services Academy, an internal training and educational organisation. The company also collaborates with overseas academic institutions for programmes that can lead to recognised degree qualifications.

FICA respects the aspirations of individual employees and offers them promotion opportunities based on the staff's personal preferences. "We lay out an unequivocal career path for everyone. If a person performs well, achieves certain targets and feels ready, then they can progress to the next stage of their career," Mr Yung says.

"Talented people should always aim to join a company that offers superior services and products because these give them a better chance of success," Mr Yung advises. With a sophisticated B.O.S.S. (Business Oriented Support System) online customer service portal and a product portfolio that contains a wide range of products, such as a unique "Forever Health" critical illness insurance plan, FICA is ideally positioned to provide ambitious individuals with a career that will reward them with success, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they are helping others and themselves to build fruitful lives, Mr Yung concludes.

Taken from Career Times 13 February 2009, p. A4
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