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Mobile phones evolve into multimedia devices

by Wing Kei

Bruce Lam, general manager, Nokia (Hong Kong) Limited

Sales and marketing staff must keep pace with the changes in technology

Statistics for the mobile phone sector show that Hong Kong has now reached 122.8 per cent market penetration. That means an increasing number of consumers have already invested in a second phone and, in doing that, they are usually looking for a model that gives them both mobility and the latest technology to receive text messages, video clips, photos, games and news updates.

"Technology keeps changing and, in the long run, I expect mobile phones will have even more applications," says Bruce Lam, general manager of Nokia (Hong Kong) Limited. "There is likely to be more crossover with computer technology, allowing more functions to be developed, so I am very positive about the market." He adds that consumers in Hong Kong have always had a reputation for being sophisticated and are often seen as leading the latest trends. At present, these are moving in the direction of greater digital convergence, making it possible to use a mobile phone as a camera and a handheld computer, so as to take photos, check emails, and surf the Internet with just one device.

Cultural values

Mr Lam, who has been with Nokia for around 13 years and oversees about 200 staff, says the company's culture is based on achievement, renewal, customer satisfaction and respect. "We are number one in the Hong Kong market and have consistently won recognition as the leading player in mobile communications," he says. "Even so, we want to continue to improve the quality of our services and be regarded as the best of the best." For this reason, the sales and marketing team puts special emphasis on providing support and listening to customer feedback. As a result, the company has even started to organise training courses for customers to teach them about all the functions of their phones.

Anyone hoping to join the sales and marketing team has to be creative, motivated, hard-working and have the passion to learn about the latest developments in technology. "We care more about general work attitude rather than whether or not applicants have related work experience," Mr Lam says.

He notes that staff are also encouraged to pursue continuous learning. This ensures they acquire new skills, are up to date in terms of product knowledge and are ready to take new opportunities as they arise. "We also have incentive programmes which help to strengthen team spirit and reduce staff turnover," Mr Lam adds. "Our belief is that people work better when they have a good quality of life, so we also organise outdoor activities such as golf and group excursions. Having a harmonious workplace environment is important for creating synergy."

Incentive trips

Staff who perform well can expect tangible rewards. For example, those who met their sales targets last year won free trips to Japan. "We strongly believe that rewards have a positive impact on staff morale, encourage people to keep learning, and increase commitment to the company," Mr Lam says

Looking ahead, he notes that China will remain a key market for business development in view of the potential number of mobile phone users.

"Hong Kong is more advanced, so we can actually make use of what we have achieved here," he says. "Some staff from Hong Kong are now based in our Beijing and Guangzhou offices to share their experience. We believe it will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved."

Good Connection

  • Advances in mobile phone technology are making possible a steady stream of new applications
  • With dedication to quality and customer service, company's aim is to be the best of the best
  • Sales and marketing staff must be creative and keen to learn
  • Mainland China is still a market with tremendous growth potential

Taken from Career Times 28 April 2006
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