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One-stop wealth management service

by Christina Tai

Edmund Kan, head, VIP wealth management service, Splendor Financial Services Ltd
Photo: Johnny Kwok

When choosing between wealth management services, today's more affluent investors are looking for something more than the conventional advice and assistance. That is exactly where Edmund Kan, head of VIP wealth management service of Splendor Financial Services Ltd believes he can help out.

"For wealth protection, accumulation and distribution, plus global investment solutions tailor-made to meet clients' financial objectives, our Splendor Plus VIP services offer everything," he says.

Mr Kan explains that the company takes a disciplined and consistent approach to wealth management and provides personalised service. Clients have access to 24-hour information about economic and financial news and can call on experienced financial advisers for analysis and recommendations. "As independent intermediaries, our experts always provide the most objective wealth management advice," he adds.

A dedicated hotline and an email link ensure that VIP clients receive immediate attention. In this way, they can benefit from access to the most up-to-date market news and valuation reports. A website also provides commentary on global markets from a number of well-respected analysts.

The use of cutting-edge technology helps with investment research and putting together risk tolerance profiles for each client. This makes it easier to discuss asset allocation and investment planning. "Technology is an important tool in the ever-changing global economy but for us, excellent customer relationships remain the key in helping clients achieve their financial goals," Mr Kan says.

A range of other value-added services is available. These include the opening of offshore bank accounts, the formation of trusts and offshore companies, a free mortgage brokerage service, and consultancy on estate administration issues. The aim is to provide a one-stop "total wealth management solution", and this extends to offering the chance to attend investment seminars and lifestyle events, such as wine-tasting evenings.

Target customers should have US$200,000 or the equivalent to invest, or be ready to commit to making monthly deposits of at least US$1,500 or HK$15,000 in a savings plan. During a special promotional period from August 1 to October 30, customers who invest a lump sum of US$100,000 or the equivalent, or make regular monthly savings of US$1,250 or HK$10,000 can also qualify to enjoy the Splendor Plus services.

Mr Kan says the company hopes to create a benchmark for the rest of the industry. "Above all, the launch of these value-added VIP services will benefit customers by giving them endless opportunities to increase their wealth," he says.

Taken from Career Times 28 July 2006, p. A2
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