Macau Opportunities

Reaching for the stars

by Isabella Lee

Kevin Clayton, principal, strategic marketing
Galaxy Entertainment Group
Photo: Courtesy of Galaxy Entertainment Group

Macau mega resort to open doors for Hong Kong talents

City living and the urban rat race have created a large demand for conveniently located destination resorts offering an escape from the daily slog.

With its tropical features and Asian hospitality, Macau's Galaxy mega resort offers just such a break. With world-class hotels from Okura and Banyan Tree, more than 50 food and beverage outlets, retail boulevards, podium gardens, spa facilities, a wave pool and white-sand beach, the complex aims to offer something for everyone.

"We have steered clear of adopting a philosophy of 'build it and they will come'," says Kevin Clayton, principal, strategic marketing, Galaxy Entertainment Group. "Galaxy Entertainment has the largest land bank in Cotai and we have therefore been careful to research, develop and test our product concepts. As a result, customers tell us we now have a winning resort which they look forward to visiting," he adds.

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Apart from hotel rooms, the resort also offers villas and cabanas for more discerning consumers. There is a host of lively bars and clubs, signature restaurants, street-style entertainment, as well as one of the world's largest casino floors.

Visitors to Taipa and Cotai cannot miss the uniquely designed towers of the Galaxy mega resort. Water features at the entrance complement gold cupolas on the tower crests, creating ample glamorous photo opportunities. Other major attractions within the resort include the Podium Gardens, described as a tropical adult playground.

The resort aims to have mass appeal, with customers seeking top quality and attentive service, dedicated gamers enjoying the casino environment and holidaymakers simply looking to relax and have some fun. In addition, the resort's Asian features aim to attract an increasing number of visitors from Japan and Southeast Asia.

Notwithstanding the stiff competition in the Macau hotel and casino industry, Mr Clayton believes that the Galaxy mega resort will outperform its competitors by virtue of its fresh, relevant and compelling products and promotions. The resort will also compete on its brand strength.

"Our team at the Galaxy mega resort will continue to track performance, work to understand and respond to consumer preferences and be inventive in our approach to the market," he stresses.

Stellar performance

There are many opportunities for Hong Kong people in the industry in Macau, Mr Clayton believes. Skilled and experienced employees who are enthusiastic, committed and willing to learn are highly sought after. Once employed, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from managers with top international industry experience.

The Galaxy mega resort is currently looking to employ top people to fill an array of positions in finance, marketing, operations, engineering and administration.

"Competitive remuneration at Galaxy Entertainment is combined with an excellent working environment. Since we are seeking the best, we not only offer good compensation, but also the opportunity to work with highly experienced leaders. Employees will have the chance to help shape the product, brand and organisation. We build strong teams and listen to our employees in order to draw on their knowledge and ideas," Mr Clayton notes.

Galaxy prides itself on helping employees achieve their personal and professional objectives. The company offers training programmes as well as ample transfer possibilities across the group, creating plenty of opportunities for high-performers to advance in their careers.

The group also encourages employees to think clearly about their own career roadmaps, and to work hard at making their mark on the business.

"Apart from issues linked to personal circumstances or waiting for the right job position to become available, there are no major challenges or impediments stopping Hong Kong people from grabbing opportunities in Macau," Mr Clayton says.

He advises prospective candidates to learn as much as possible about the Macau market, its range of entertainment products and leading competitors. He also suggests that they look at what Chinese and Hong Kong consumers seek in terms of a destination resort. "Winning the game is all about understanding the customer and the competition," Mr Clayton concludes.


Taken from Career Times 30 May 2008, p. B2
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