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by Maggie Tang

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Oscar Tang (left), programme adviser and instructor
Alfred Lee, programme and centre manager, Division of Higher and Professional Education
Lingnan Institute of Further Education
Photo: Johnson Poon

Chartered financial analysts are the experts in finance and investment. For 60 years the CFA designation has been synonymous with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practice in this specific sector. This admired reputation is built on an all-round training programme and principled administration of the qualification.

To help those interested in acquiring the CFA designation as a leap forward in their professional development, Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE) of Lingnan University is offering the Stalla CFA review programme for CFA examinations (Levels 1 and 2). Headquartered in the US, Stalla is a leader in providing comprehensive CFA examination preparation materials. It has been helping candidates around the world pass the examination since 1978. The CFA preparatory programme offered by LIFE represents a learning experience that combines the expertise of Stalla and local expert instructors.

Oscar Tang, the programme's adviser remarks, "Each subject in the programme is taught by reputable industry practitioners and investment bankers, whose knowledge is anchored in both theoretical backgrounds and hands-on experience. This arrangement is well received among students as they can interact with people who have built successful careers in the industry."

The CFA designation enjoys a valued status worldwide. This is partly because of its extensive curriculum that covers a wide spectrum of financial and investment knowledge, ranging from tools and inputs in asset valuation, financial analysis, to portfolio management and investment strategies. As a result, CFA charterholders can expect a promising future. "CFA is recognised worldwide and it enhances one's mobility. According to a survey conducted in 2005, 90 per cent of people said CFA improves chances of promotion. In the US, CFA charterholders earned 54 per cent more than non-charterholders; and 18 per cent more than people with an MBA," Mr Tang says.

Alfred Lee, programme and centre manager explains, "Our programme meets the needs of busy executives. We provide a full array of integrated study resources and tools, which include interactive lectures, lecture notes, comprehensive study guides, practice examinations, PassMaster software and individual guidance. Students can acquire the necessary test-taking skills and confidence to pass the examinations."

Students of the programme are also given mock examinations to maximise their chances of success in the CFA examinations.

Programme duration is 70 hours for each level. Class sizes are small to ensure a high standard in the quality of teaching and classes are held in LIFE's learning centre in North Point. Considering the learning materials are specifically designed by Stalla, insights and experience are shared by reputable industry practitioners, the programme is reimbursable through the Continuing Education Fund alongside the obvious benefits of having the qualification, the programme offers good value for time and money invested.

"This programme is for finance and investment professionals looking for career advancement or for those serious about their own wealth." Mr Tang says. "The knowledge delivered will provide a deep understanding of wealth management."

Taken from Career Times 27 July 2007
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