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Rewarding experience

by Mayse Lam

Karen Man, consultant and Edwin Cheung, associate
Convoy Financial Services Limited
Photo: Johnson Poon

With the rapid expansion of China's economy and the increasing impact of globalisation around the world, people hoping to break into the banking and finance industry in Hong Kong have discovered that conventional certificates and common licences cannot guarantee a successful career. As more and more qualified hopefuls enter the field, competition is rising and standing out from the crowd is proving increasingly difficult. For this reason, The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) and Career Times jointly organise the HKIB Outstanding Financial Awards, aiming to recognise professionals who excel in the financial planning industry.

To a strict and diverse panel of judges from corporate banks, universities and financial institutions the award winners must demonstrate exceptional subject knowledge and professional skills when providing financial planning services to their customers. Among the many contestants, Karen Man, a consultant at Convoy Financial Services Limited and Edwin Cheung, an associate, exhibited outstanding performances, and successfully entered the second round of assessments in The HIKB Outstanding Financial Planner Awards 2007.

"I decided to participate in the event because I was incredibly motivated by my company and saw this as an excellent learning opportunity," says Ms Man, who initially joined Convoy for a mere four-month period. "Ultimately, the experience has been rewarding. It has led me to appreciate and understand the reasoning behind our company's decision to provide employees with continuous training, regular market updates and extensive information and resources," she notes, adding that to become a successful professional financial planner, alongside extensive corporate support, it is essential to devote more personal time and effort.

Mr Cheung agrees. Nevertheless, he believes that the award has accelerated his individual development. "Not only did the award bring me recognition in the industry, it also strengthened my self-confidence and helped me feel more self-assured with clients. As a team leader, this recognition is invaluable for effective leadership and helps my team members support my directional choices. By setting a good example, I hope to inspire my subordinates, my colleagues and my superiors. For my clients, the award represents my professionalism and competitiveness. Trust can be built when customers have confidence in you," Mr Cheung points out .

The HIKIB Outstanding Financial Awards 2007 marks only the very beginning of Ms Man and Mr Cheung's successes. In the future, both professionals will build on their achievements through active engagement in similar award programmes whilst at the same time encouraging colleague participation too.

Taken from Career Times 23 November 2007, p. A2
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